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Women in Games WIGJ is a not for profit organisation that works to recruit more women into the games industry and to support those already in the industry. It also campaigns to ensure individuals and businesses understand that a more diverse workforce leads to greater productivity and financial success.

Women in Games WIGJ was founded in 2009 as Women in Games Jobs and incorporated as a “not for profit” or Community Interest Company in 2011. The organisation is called Women in Games, but our legal name is Women in Games WIGJ – without any brackets, which mean Women in Games can be abbreviated to WIGJ. The organisation is no longer called Women in Games Jobs.

For details about the European Women in Games Conference visit

Women in Games WIGJ has a board of management as follows:

CEO – Marie-Claire Isaaman

Deputy CEO – Alison Cressey, Consultant CMO & Non Exec Director

Chella Ramanan, Writer, Game Industry News
Dan Wood, COO, Ukie
David Smith, Founder WIGJ
Gemma Johnson Brown, VP HR, Dovetail Games
Michelle Tilley for Josie Wardle, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Kish Hirani, BAME in Games
Marine Cabour, Russells
Martine Spaans, Tamalaki Game Publishing & Marketing Consultant
Nick Ferguson, Amazon
Rachael Gregg-Smythe, Producer
Rachel Moss, J Walter Thompson
Rosa Carbó-Mascarell, Games for the Many
Rosemary Ball, Producer, Chucklefish
Rupert Whitehead, Google
Ruth Falconer, Abertay University
Simon Smith, Thumbfood & Chair Gameopolis
Siobhan Thomas, London South Bank University
Vanessa Joyce, Renwick Management & Multiplay
Ying-Ying Law, Staffordshire University