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The Women in Games Ambassador programme, originally sponsored by Google’s Women Techmakers, now has 74 individual Ambassadors from across the UK, Europe and the USA supporting women and girls in understanding the games industry and the opportunities there are within it. The programme exists to grow the membership of the organisation, to help it increase the reach and scale of its programmes and help it achieve the strategic goal of doubling the number of women in games over 10 years.

List of Ambassadors

Individual Ambassadors

Name        Location             Role

Adrienne Law, London, Producer @sulkymoanyface
Alex Grahame, Copenhagen, Artist @Alex_Grahame
Alex Jones, Guildford/Aldershot, Composer for Video Games @Alyx_jones
Alison-Julia Riguelme Cihak, Watford, Writer Todasgamers @TodasGamers
Amanda Blatch, Milton Keynes, Game Artist @MandyBz
Amelia James, Preston, UCLAN Student
Amrita Bharij, London, UI/UX Designer @JamRita00
Amy Parish, Norwich, MA Graduate @amybloo
Amy Scott, Liverpool, Producer
Amy Yu, London, Varsity Games/ eSports @yuyupoop
Antonella Sciarrillo UK, Barking/ Student in Games Programming @rosie_mable
Ashley Riza, London, 3D Artist, Kuato Studios @ashriza3D
Becky Jowsey, Leicester, Founder/MD/CEO
Bethany White, Brighton/Portsmouth, Student/Founder of Falling Leaf games @bethpwhite
Bernice Wong San Francisco Jr. UX/UI Designer @bernicekahay
Caoimhe Roddy, Manchester, Co-Founder, Producer & lecturer @keevahh
Carleigh Morgan, London, Int. Esports, Program Man, Games res. @CyborgReine
Catherine Woolley, Sussex, Senior Designer @Catmoo
Chella Ramanan, Taunton, Somerset, Journalist/Copywriter @ChellaRamanan
Claire Bourgoin, Paris, France, Finance Marketing Comms. @claire_bourgoin
Christina Myers, London, PhD and co-founder of the Omnis Institute.
Danette Beatty, Oval, London, Artist @Salmikawolf
Emma Cowling, York, Manager, Digital Creativity Labs – York Uni @embrass13
Erin Stevenson, Dundee, Lead Animator @UniComicRN
Gareth Johns, Milton Keynes, Lead Artist @GJohns1990
Giulia Zamboni, Italy, Producer, Gamera Interactive, @charlotteblabla
Hannah Aicken, Dundee, QA Tester @Tinfoilface
Hazel Turnbull, Edinburgh, Composer @composerhazel
Isabel Arjona, Guildford, Development Manager
Jade Leamcharaskul, London, Composer @JDWasabi
Jamey Stevenson, London, Game Designer @dreamlogician
Jeannie Odreman, Hamburg, Product Marketing
Jess Magnus, Kent/London, 3D Environment Artist @jess_magnus
Jessica Harris, Wilmslow, Junior VFX Artist @ TT Games
Julieta Piedrabuena, London, HR Officer Square Enix
Kaleigh Branham, Suffolk Lecturer
Karen Cham, Brighton, Professor
Karen Hedger, Kent, Education Consultant
Kate Killick, Guildford/London, Game Designer @TheThirdKate
Kevin Agwaze Brighton Games programmer @rebornrider
Laura de Castro, Spain/UK, Junior Programmer, Hutch Games @noisybass
Laurence Bouvard, London, Audio Artist @Lauloknows
Leoni Smith, Milton Keynes, Digital Marketing Executive @Gloss_N_Gadgets
Lisa Kretschmer, Guildford, Development Manager
Liz Mercuri, Brighton, Educational Evangelist @FragFox
Lorraine Ansell, Guildford, VO Artist @LAvoiceart
Louise Jackson, Dundee, Scotland, QA Engineer
Lucy Boxall, Sussex, Head of Corp. Communications – Creative Assembly
Lucy Kyriakidou, Newcastle, 2d Artist @lucyrawrs
Maria Fernandez-Hermida, Coruna, Spain, Environment Artist @_MariaFH
Marina Amores, Barcelona, Spain, Game Journalist, @blissy
Marina Diez Pereiro London Games Designer @ninfa_dp
Martine Spaans, Netherlands and USA, Publisher @aston_martine
Megan Zoe Garrett London Publishing @megazoegarrett
Michelle Chen, Birmingham, Indie Game Developer @purplelilgirl
Michelle Tilley, Liverpool, Snr Release Manager, Sony
Mickael Corinus, Paris, Cyber Security Engineer @MikaCorinus
Monique Boddington, Cambridge, Acad Entrepreneur educator/research @MIBoddington
Natalie Winter, London Voice over artist/actor @winternatters
Nicole Gilroy, Associate Producer at Codemasters
Nida Ahmad, London/Leamington, Game designer/ Mkt researcher – Games @NidaAhmad_
Nika Dvoravic, Croatia, Level Designer, CROTEAM @nikablaine
Pauline Marliere, Belgium, Art Director @FreyaKyle
Rachael Gregg-Smythe, Liverpool/Manchester, Producer – Regional Coordinator for North West @rae_ami
Rhoda Daly, Preston, University Lecturer
Ria Elektra Liongold, Head of Art, Pixion Games, London @riaelektra
Robin Milton (Silcock) Norwich, Games Design Lecturer @robinsilcock
Rosa Carbo-Mascarell, Spain, Co-Founder, Games for the Many @moreelen
Sandra Chau, London, Marketing @SNC_Sky
Scarlett Fu, Southam, Warwickshire Principal Web & UX Designer, Codemasters @scarlett_fu
Searra Dodds, Perth/Scotland Freelance UI/UX Designer/Creative Director @searradodds
Sharon Toliani-Sage, Norwich, University Lecturer
Steph McStea, Wakefield, QA Assistant @TeaAndMonsters
Taylor Lyles, Baltimore, Journalist @TayNixter
Terri Mardel, St Albans, QA @Tez82Mardel
Timea Tabori, Edinburgh, Engine Programmer – National Coordinator for Scotland @TimeaTabori

Contacting an Ambassador
Ambassadors are contactable through LinkedIn and Twitter. Full lists of Ambassadors on Twitter.
Please personalise your request, keep it professional and reference the WIGJ Ambassador programme in your correspondence.

Becoming an Ambassador – Women in Games welcomes applications from new, potential Ambassadors. Ambassador Director, Gemma Johnson-Brown and the Executive Board regularly review applications. To start the process, please complete the following online Application Form.


About Google’s Women Techmakers

Google’s Women Techmakers initiative provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology, implementing global scalable initiatives to support and empower women in the industry.

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Corporate Ambassadors

Corporate Ambassadors are leading games companies in Europe with a professional standing in their country and a commitment to engage and promote more diversity. They have a commitment to Women in Games and its objectives at CEO/ Board Level. They also have a professional HR team with the ability to reach and influence organisations at a regional level.

Dovetail Games from Kent, UK
Outplay Entertainment from Dundee, Scotland
Hangar 13/ 2K Games from Novato USA, Prague, Brno, Czech Republic and Brighton, UK
Creative Assembly, from Horsham, UK
Rockstar North from Edinburgh, Scotland
Ubisoft from Paris, France and Newcastle, UK
Sumo Digital in Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Leamington Spa, The Chinese Room in Brighton, and Red Kite Games in Leeds.