The Women in Games Ambassador programme, originally sponsored by Google’s Women Techmakers, now has 12 Corporate and 446 individual Ambassadors from across the UK, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia supporting women and girls in understanding the games industry and the opportunities there are within it. The programme exists to grow the membership of the organisation, to help it increase the reach and scale of its programmes and help it achieve the strategic goal of doubling the number of women in games over 10 years.

List of Ambassadors

Corporate Ambassadors

Corporate Ambassadors are leading global games companies, businesses and associations committed to developing diverse and inclusive cultures. They support Women in Games to achieve its mission for a games and esports industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women of any background, ethnicity or sexuality to achieve their full potential. And by achieving this, empowering the games and esports industry and community to be more creative and innovative, productive and profitable.

2K Games/Hangar 13 from Novato USA, Prague, Brno, Czech Republic and Brighton, UK from Novato USA, Prague, Brno, Czech Republic and Brighton, UK

Rockstar Games Inc. from USA

Sumo Digital in Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Leamington Spa, The Chinese Room in Brighton, and Red Kite Games in Leeds.

Dovetail Games from Kent, UK

TT Games

Outplay Entertainment from Dundee, Scotland

Creative Assembly, from Horsham, UK

Ubisoft from Paris, France

Barclays Ventures, London with 15 Eagle Labs venues across the UK

Kwalee from Leamington Spa, UK

Jagex from Cambridge, UK

Amazon Web Services from the UK & 22 global regions

Individual Ambassadors  

Name        Location             Role  

UK – Scotland
Alanna Butchart, Glasgow, Environment Artist, No Code, @Iannii_88
Alexis Evans, Dundee, UI Designer, Tag Games
Alison Clark, Dundee, Senior HR Advisor, Outplay Entertainment Limited, @_AlisonClark_
Amanda Ford, Glasgow, Lecturer, West College Scotland, @aford78
Cecilia Jialin Zhang, Dundee, Student, @sci_light
Charly Harbord, Dundee, Scotland, InGame Project Coordinator, Abertay University, @charlyharbord
Cissy Biri, Edinburgh, Production Associate, @cissymon
Erin Stevenson, Dundee, Lead Animator, @UniComicRN
Hazel Turnbull, Edinburgh, Composer, @composerhazel
Louise Jackson, Dundee, Scotland, QA Engineer
Luci Holland, Scotland, Games Composer, @LuciHolland
Mags Donaldson, Edinburgh, Technical Writer, @MagsthePirate
Natalie Cook, Dundee, Scotland, User Acquisition Manager, Outplay Entertainment
Niamh Loughran, Dundee, Associate Producer, Hyper Luminal Games, @Dev_Sceal
Sarah Blackburn, Edinburgh, Senior QA Tester, Rockstar North, @guitarherosarah
Sarah Crawford, Edinburgh, Senior UI/UX Designer, Rockstar Games, @SarahCrawford89
Searra Dodds, Perth/Scotland, Freelance UI/UX Designer/Creative Director, @searradodds
Shannon Craig, Dundee, Student, @ShaziDev
Soraya Javan, Edinburgh, Production
Timea Tabori, Edinburgh, Engine Programmer – National Coordinator for Scotland, @TimeaTabori
Zoe Sams, Edinburgh, Tools Programmer, @zoegsams       

UK – North
Abbie Dickinson, Sheffield, Employer Brand and Community Executive, Rebellion, @pirateabbie
Amelia James, Preston, UCLAN Student
Amy Scott, Liverpool, Producer
Anthony Allen, Rochdale, Student/Chair of MMU Esports Society, @still_winds
Arianne Garin, Cheshire, Brand Manager, Gunzilla Games, @ArianneGarin
Bhavin Makwana, Manchester, Founder, Baller Games, @bhavmakwana1
Caoimhe Roddy, Manchester, Co-Founder, Producer & lecturer, @keevahh
Christina Harper, Liverpool, Assistant Producer, Skyhook Games, @Spideycatx
Emily-Rose Worrall, Liverpool, Semi Professional Player & Social Media/Community Manager, Kairos Esports, @EmiliaRxse
Emily Sheraton, Cheshire East, Associate Producer, Cloud Imperium Games, @Hummingdragonx
Emma Brown, Newcastle, Content Coordinator, Hitmarker, @Catfish_ow
Emma Cowling, York, Coach and Facilitator, @emcow
Erin Spence, Sheffield, Digital Marketing Manager, Games Jobs Direct, @erinp513
Fiona Lee, Leeds, Recruiter, @Fionaeleven11
Georgia Reeve, Stoke-on-Trent, Esports Student, @inquisitorsmol
Hannah Aicken, Cheshire, Level Designer, @Tinfoilface
Hannah Treston, Cheshire, Games Recruiter, FourPointZero Ltd, @trestonhannah
Jade Knox, South Yorkshire, Digital Copywriter, Twinkl Ltd, @theknoxbear
Jasmin Ali, Rotherham, Games Recruitment Consultant
Jessica Harris, Wilmslow, Junior VFX Artist, TT Games
Jo Daly, Liverpool, Head of Production, Wushu Studios, @therealmissy01
Jodie Donovan, Newcastle, Freelance Game Designer, @ashirym
Johanna Vuorela, Manchester, UK Director – Games
Justine Colla, Newcastle, Marketing Manager, @pastasauca
Katey Roberts, Manchester, Trending News Editor, GGRecon, @K4T3YRecon
Katie Memmot, Sheffield, Staff Writer, GGRecon, @katieggrecon
Kristan Emery-Hines, Stockport, Senior Gameplay Artist, TT Games, @KristanEmery
Kirsten White, Rotherham, Recruitment Consultant, @aardvarkwhite
Lauren Walton, Liverpool, Embedded QA Test, Lucid Games Ltd, @PlumFudge
Lily Gavin-Allen, Leeds, Business Development Asia & Europe
Lisa Gobbi, Liverpool, Environ Artist, @lisagobbi
Lorna Tilch, Merseyside, Functional QA Tester, Playstation, @lornatilch
Lucy Kyriakidou, Newcastle, 2d Artist, @lucyrawrs
Meg RouncefieldWilmslow, R&D TT Games Wilmslow, @SpaceMegaladon
Mel Ramsay, Manchester, Head of Editorial, GGRecon, @melramsay_
Michelle Tilley, Liverpool, Senior Release Manager, Sony
Minna Wilke, Stockport, Assistant Animation Manager
Molly Moore, Greater Manchester, Deputy Manager, GAME, @Mollyzxgames
Molly Shepherd-Boden, Sheffield, Recruitment Consultant, @Mollyshep
Natalie Wicks, Middlesbrough, Product Design Manager, Double Eleven, @crazynatlady
Prabjot Rathore, Leeds, International Researcher, Recruitment Agency
Rachael Gregg-Smythe, Manchester, Producer – Regional Coordinator for North West, @rae_ami
Rhoda Daly, Preston, University Lecturer
Richard Huggan, Newcastle, Managing Director, Hitmarker, @RichardHuggan
Sarah Marsden, Manchester, Associate Producer Cloud Imperium Games, @8_bit_Sarah
Sharan Bassi, South Yorkshire, Talent Acquisition, Scede, @Sharan_Bassi
Shariqua Wahid, Manchester, Level Designer, @lordshaxxy
Steph McStea, Wakefield, QA Assistant, @TeaAndMonsters
Subina Kiani, Leeds, Managing Director – Games Recruitment Agency  
Vidyuth Manu, Oldham, CEO & Founder, Monkey Bubble Ltd, @okarinmb     

UK – Midlands/Wales
Abbey Plumb, Leamington, Producer, @abzzjazz
Amelia Robers, Nottingham, Games Art Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, @amelia_seren
Becky Jowsey, Leicester, Founder/MD/CEO
Bex Betton, Cardiff, Wales, Writer/Producer, @BettonBex
Charlene Sharp, Staffordshire, Lecturer and Course Leader, Games PR and Digital Marketing, Staffordshire University, @SharpCharlene
Claire McClaughry, Leamington Spa, Lead Artist – Well Played Games
Clare Green, Warwickshire, Manager, Warwick Enterprise
Emily Bailey, Hereford, Owner and Producer, Antler Studios, @Antler_Studios
Emily Evans, Lincolnshire, English Text Analyst, Rockstar Games, @iistalrii
Emma Thompson, Warwickshire, HR & Office Manager, Unit 2 Games Ltd, @unit2games
Gareth Johns, Milton Keynes, Lead Artist, @GJohns1990
Giverny Wilson-Martin, Staffordshire, Embedded Tester, Rare Ltd, @gamedevgwm
Jacqui Edwards, Course Leader, Uni of Worcester, @worcsgameart
Jade Loomes, Birmingham, Co-Founder, Real Talk Media, @jadeloomes
James Vickers, Staffordshire, University Lecturer, Staffordshire University, @qubitVicks
Jasmine Hong, Loughborough, Student, Esports Officer, Loughborough University, @JorangeJam
Jem Patel, Royal Leamington Spa, Software Development Engineer in Test, Unity Technologies, @jemalarr
Jennifer Koch, Warwickshire, Talent Acquisition Executive, Kwalee
Jessica May, Nottingham, Player Support
Justine Knight, Nottingham, QA Player Specialist, Lockwood Publishing, @JustinevKnight
Kahina Foudad, West Midlands, MSc Video Game Programming Student, Birmingham City University,@KahinaDfd
Kate Parker, Derby, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Team 17, @KatePar29651263
Kim Guest, Derbyshire, Games Technology Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, @KimG_90
Kira Summers, Birmingham, Lecturer
Lauren Moses, Cambridge, Marketing and Fundraising Consultant, @LaurenSMoses
Leoni Smith, Milton Keynes, Digital Marketing Executive, @Gloss_N_Gadgets
Marilena Papacosta, Cambridge, Head of Brand & Marketing
Monique Boddington, Cambridge, Acad Entrepreneur educator/research, @MIBoddington
Nicole Gilroy, Junior Associate Producer, Ubisoft Leamington
Penny Brammer, Derby, HR and Recruitment Manager Bulkhead Interactive, @pennyclaire6
Rachel Gaskin, Cambridge, Head of Esports, @jagexRogue
Rebecca Wright, Yorkshire, Recruitment Consultant, Aardvark Swift, @gradsingames
Rebekah Simpson, Warwickshire, Operations Manager, Playground Games
Robyn Murphy, Coventry, Creative Producer, Kwalee, @lilrobynmurphy
Samra Halli, Birmingham, Video Producer
Sian-Blue Rogers, Milton Keynes, XR & Gaming Recruiter, TechNet Immersive
Stephanie LaVita, Wales, Student
Terri Mardel, St Albans, QA, @Tez82Mardel
Tracy Clark, Leamington, HR & Operations   
Vicky Clark, Worcestershire, Software Developer, Unity, @_vickyclark    

UK – London/South East
Adrienne Law, London, Producer, @sulkymoanyface
Alison-Julia Riguelme Cihak, Watford, Writer Todasgamers, @TodasGamers
Amrita McBharij, London, UI/UX Designer, @JamRita00
Amy Parish, Norwich, MA Graduate, @amybloo
Amy Yu, London, Varsity Games/ eSports, @yuyupoop
Anna Tang, London, Business Dev
Annabel Ashalley-Anthony, London, Founder of Melanin Gamers, @MelaninGamers
Annie Clare, London, Head of Studio Environments, The Tonic Games Group, @AETessier
Antonella Sciarrillo, Barking, Essex/ Student in Games Programming, @rosie_mable
Antonella Sassu, London, Senior UI Designer, @misentoscossa
Ashley Riza, London, 3D Artist, Kuato Studios, @ashriza3D
Beatrice Teoh, London Sales Development Manager, Appsflyer
Becca Stabler, London, Assistant Lead Artist
Becky Saunders, Kent/London, Indie Games Developer Fat Familiar, @glitchsaur
Carleigh Morgan, London, Int. Esports, Program Man, Games res, @CyborgReine
Cat Chew, London, Co-Lead, Portfolio Strategy and Insights, King
Caz Lacey, London, Executive, Creative Artists Agency, @caroline_laceyO
Charlene Lebrun, London, Director and Publicist, Player Two PR, @CharleneLebrun
Charlotte Cook, London, Account Director, @charc89
Christina Myers, London, PhD and co-founder of the Omnis Institute
Elliot Walker, Kent, United Kingdom, Student University of Brighton, @elliotUoB
Elly Johnson, Kent, Audio Designer, @preyalways
Emma Henry, London, Creative Director / Educational Games and Gamification Design
Emma Ryan, London, Senior Animation Content Developer, Rockstar Games, @emzycyan
Ena Echavarria, London, Game Artist
Eugenia Peruzzo, London, Character Artist, Freelance, @Supalgy
Fiona Turner-Stone, Kent, Talent and CSR Executive, @FiS_Photography
Geraldine Mainaky, London, Associate Marketing & PR Manager Gameloft
Grace Collas, Norwich, Indie Game Dev and Image Post Production, Fat Familiar Games, @imthatgrace
Hannah Jarvis, London, Recruitment, Haptic Recruit, @hapticrecruit
Hannah Jay Rees, Brighton, Release Quality Manager, Unity Technologies, @hannahjayreesx
Holly Gordon, London, Senior QA Tester, Rocksteady Studios Ltd, @vehollehraptor
Holly Reddaway, London, Freelance Performance Director, Freelance, @hollyreddaway
Indigo Levy, London, Game Designer, Mediatonic
Isabel Arjona, Guildford, Development Manager
Jade Leamcharaskul, London, Composer, @JDWasabi
Jade Summers, London/Lincoln, Production Associate, Rockstar Games
Jamey Stevenson, London, Game Designer, @dreamlogician
Jay Shin, London, Director, Arrogant Pixel LTD, @Jawshin
Jayd Matyas, London, Games Designer, @jaydmaty
Jess Magnus, Kent/London, 3D Environment Artist, @jess_magnus
Jing Chun Tan, London, Technical Artist, Mediatonic, @JingChunTan666
Joanna Cook, Buckinghamshire, HR Business Partner, NaturalMotion
Joe Hills, London, Esports Sales Manager Lagardere Sports & Entertainment, @BearlyKoalified
Jonas Kontautas, London, Esports Coordinator, University of Roehampton, @jiggi_gg
Julieta Piedrabuena, London, HR Officer, Square Enix
Kaleigh Branham, Suffolk, Lecturer
Kayleigh Robinson, London, Games Deisgn Student, Our Time Youth Agency, @KKalynX
Karen Hedger, Kent, Education Consultant
Katharina Krumme, London, Marketing Strategy Manager, @katiekrumme
Kemi Giwa, UK, Journalist/Blogger, @kemionline
Lauren Kaye, London, Content Creator, @sheplayspodcast
Laurence Bouvard, London, Audio Artist, @Lauloknows
Lee Watson, Romford, Essex, Student, @LeeWatson96
Lois Page, Buckinghamshire, Games Recruiter, Real Time Resource
Lorraine Ansell, Guildford, VO Artist, @LAvoiceart
Lucy Callow, Catham, Assistant Translation Projects Coordinator, Dovetail Games, @lucycallowgames
Mabel Corsi, Norfolk, Freelance Character Artist, @Mabel_Trip
Magdalena Tasic, Kent, Student, @megisha23
Mairi Nolan, London, Game Designer (Escape Rooms), Content Creator, Escape Hunt, @mairispaceship
Marina Diez Pereiro, London, Games Designer, @ninfa_dp
Matthew Woods, London, CEO, Co-Founder AFK Creators LTD, @matttheostv
Megan Zoe Garrett, London, Publishing, @megazoegarrett
Melissa Chaplin, London, Marketing Strategist, Game If You Are, @phdwriteup
Michaela Knights, Surrey, Guildford, Games Artist 22cans, @art_michaela
Mina Machacek, UK, Managing/Recruitment Director, Creative Personnel
MJ Widomska, London, Director, YRS Truly, @yrstrulyUK
Monika Wisniewska, London, COO, Mindfuture World Ltd,
Natalie Winter, London Voice over artist/actor, @winternatters
Naville Carita, London, Global Project Director, Fluuid, @NAVEEzEnigma
Nisha Bhalla, Middlesex, Lead HR Business Partner, Square Enix, @NishaBhalla_x
Poppy Parr, Buckinghamshire, Student, @Poppyparrhq
Ria Elektra Liongold, Head of Art, Pixion Games, London, @riaelektra
Robin Milton (Silcock), Norwich, Games Design Lecturer, @robinsilcock
Roxy Francis, Maidstone, Kent, Head of Creative Services, Dovetail Games
Sam Mickan , London, Student
Samantha Leung, London, EMEA 3rd Party Marketing Manager Microsoft (full time contractor), @CheeeseToastie
Sandra Chau, London, Marketing, @SNC_Sky
Sara Cristina Machado, London, Video Games Recruiter, Studiotypes, @SCMachado_UK
Sharon Toliani-Sage, Norwich, University Lecturer
Sophia Whyte, London, Recruitment Coordinator, Splash Damage, @scarsandtats
Vanessa Mullarkey, Bromley, Senior Facilities and Event Administrator, Splash Damage, @moremullarkey       

UK – South
Alex Jones, Guildford/Aldershot, Composer for Video Games, @Alyx_jones
Alice Nant, Guernsey, Channel Islands, Lecturer in Art and Design/Illustrator, The Guernsey Institute, Guernsey College of Further Education, @ AliceNant
Aoife Baines, Canterbury, Student, @pebblefriend
Bethany White, Brighton/Portsmouth, Founder of Falling Leaf games, @bethpwhite
Catherine Woolley, Sussex, Senior Designer, @Catmoo
Charlie Coler, Brighton, Project Manager, Studio Gobo, @cococoler
Emma Park, Bristol, Campaign Executive, Fourth Floor Creative, @emmakpark_art
Fey Vercuiel, Brighton, Principal UI Designer, Studio Gobo, @feymakes
Jules Morgan, Guildford, Development Director, Criterion Games, @julesjulesjules
Johana Riquier, East Sussex, Strategic Partnership and Business Dev Africa & Middle-East Unity Technologies, @jo_riquier
Joy Dey, West Sussex, Senior Designer, Creative Assembly, @Joy_of_games
Joyce Brabban, Brighton, Producer, Studio Gobo, @joycebrabban
Karen Cham, Brighton, Professor
Katie Laurence, Sussex, Junior Communications Manager, Ubisoft, @KatieRLaurence
Kevin Agwaze, Brighton, Games Programmer, @RebornRider
Lily Adams, Bournemouth, PR & Marketing Strategist, @Nerdpirates
Liz Mercuri, Brighton, Developer Relations Manager, @FragFox
Lucy Boxall, Sussex, Head of Corporate Communications – Creative Assembly
Millicent Thomas, Bath, Social Media and Content Lead, Into Games, @MillicentGames
Natalie Hunt, Bristol, Director/Narrative Designer, Lo-Fi Games, @Koomatzu
Riley Soley, Bristol, Social Media Specialist, Heaven Media, @Magnavox_13
Samantha Roach, Brighton, XR Engineer, @samroach0305
Sophie Benefer, Brighton, Writer, Hangar13, @sophiebenefer
Sophie Hendley, Dorset, Founder, Digital Visions Search, @hendley_sophie
Sophie van den Boomen, East Sussex, Technical Artist, Electric Square
Tacita French, Brighton, Studio Assistant, Studio Gobo, @freeplayfrenchi
Tim Wood, Oxford, Recruiter and Head of Marketing, Meta Headhunting, @ripostetim
Vanissa Wanick, Southampton, Educator -University of Southampton, @vanissa
Violet Adams, Bournemouth, PR & Marketing Strategist, @NerdPirates       

Mainland Europe
Agata Les, Wroclaw, Poland, Gameplay Programmer, Techland
Alex Grahame, Copenhagen, Artist, @Alex_Grahame
Anette Staloy, Bergen, Norway, VP of Business & Marketing, Dirtybit, @anettestal
Anita Szegedi, Hungary, Mobile Game Producer, Gameloft
Ann Lennon, Northern Ireland, Lecturer in Games Design, BMC, @1234daisy
Anna Roth, Sweden, Mentor, Rothen Consulting, Anjobanjo, @anjobanjo
Asema Hassan, Magdeburg, Germany, Software Engineer (VR), @assemahassan
Barbara Leal, Finland, Game Developer, Playsome Oy, @_kaelay
Belle Howard, Slovenia, Esports Consultant, Bellemiku LTD, @bellemiku
Caterina (Lara) Casapieri, Italy, Production Manager, Hearst Group, @laracatecasa
Celestia Koh, Sweden, Games User Researcher, Paradox Interactive, @Celestja
Claire Bourgoin, Paris, France, Finance Marketing Comms, @claire_bourgoin
Daena Michelle, Barcelona, Spain, Software Engineer, @Daena_Michelle
Danae Antonopoulou, Greece, Managing Director, Pegneon
Dánae Forrellat, Barcelona, Spain, QA Lead, Omnidrone, @BordeliqueMiss
Dhaunae De Vir, Sweden, Business Developer, Paradox Interactive, @dhaunae
Dominika Chorosinska, Berlin, Germany, Developer Relations
Dominika Szot, Poland, Games Business Operations Manager, Huawei
Elena Loucaldou, Cyprus, Director of Player Relations, Wargaming, @elenalouc
Dr Elisavet Kiourti, Cypris, Academic, University of Cyprus, @kiourti
Estela Villa, Madrid, Spain, Admin/engineer, Cosas de Chicas Gamers, @Estela3D
Fatima Marcos, Porto, Portugal, Marketing Conultant and Company Owner, Quagga
Felicia Prehn, Pori, Finland, Producer, Accessibility Consultant/Advocate Nopia Oy, @MCLiciaP
Filiz Yakar, Germany, @liqb_ee
Giulia Zamboni, Padova, Italy, Producer, Gamera Interactive, @charlotteblabla
Igone Martinez Marin, Madrid, Spain, Key Account Manager, business developer Meridiem Games, @marigones
Ines Lagarto, Portugal, Game Producer, La42 Games, @LagartixaTheOne
Jeannie Odreman, Hamburg, Germany, Product Marketing
Jennifer Estaris, Copenhagen, Denmark, Game Director, Sybo, @aeiea
Jennifer Lufau, France, Marketing
Jenny Ching-Wei Lee, Belgium, Chief Operating Officer, Pieces, @NeoNebulosa
Julianne Harty, Sweden, Product Owner/Esports Manager, @julianneharty
Kalliopi Tsavari, France, Experienced Programmer, Codemasters Southam, @kalliopitsavari

Katriina Penttila, Norway, Social Media & Community Manager, DirtybitKonsoll and InkyPen, @Kattinaama
Katarzyna Janoszka, Poland, GM, Monkey Bubble Ltd, @Xandiella
Laura de Castro, Spain, UK, Junior Programmer, Hutch Games, @noisybass
Laura Rojas, Sweden, Head of Merchandise and Apparel, Ninjas in Pyjamas, @superlolo89
Laura Van de Mast, Breda, Netherlands, 3D Environmental Artist, @lauravandeMast
Linn-Marie Edlund, Sweden, Executive Producer, Amplifier Game Invest, @edlund_linn
Lisa Kretschmer, Malmo, Sweden, Producer
Lisa Pendse, Paris, France, VP Marketing, Quantic Dream, @monalisapen
Lise Hagen Lie, Trondheim, Norway, CEO/Business Developer, @Lise4VP
Lory Cherpit, Geneva, Switzerland, Freelance Character Artist
Lucienne van Bokhorst, Netherlands, Head of Marketing Operations Heaven Media, @PizzaRabbits
Mafalda Claro, Covilhã, Portugal, Assistant Producer Nerd Monkeys, @somewhatmeri
Maria Borys-Piątkowska, Poland, Writer/Narrative Designer, Flying Wild Hog
Maria Fernandez-Hermida, Coruna, Spain, Environment Artist, @_MariaFH
María Fernanda Diez-Huerta, Barcelona, Spain, Producer, Omnidrone
Marie Daniel, Umea, Sweden, Release Manager, Zordix Publishing
Marina Amores, Barcelona, Spain, Game Journalist, @blissy
Marina Ivanovic, Berlin, Germany, Head of Recruitment, Kolibri Games
Martine Spaans, Netherlands, Publisher, @aston_martine
Marina Sevastidou, Cyprus, Senior HR Advisor, Wargaming Group Limited
Melanie Zimmermann, Berlin, Germany, Head of Marketing, Wooga, @pixelromance
Michaela Plack, Czech Republic, Map Designer & Freelancer Project Manager, SCS Software & Freelancer
Mickael Corinus, Paris, France, Cyber Security Engineer, @MikaCorinus
Millica Todorovic, Serbia, Associate Producer, Ubisoft, @minimeetz
Monica Dalla Valle, Ireland, Team Manager and Program Manager, @ Keywords Studios
Nadine Juglair, Italy, Freelance Web & Graphics Designer, @Nadij83bsg
Natasha Skult, Finland, Founder and CEO, MiTale Ltd, @NatashaSkult
Nika Dvoravic, Croatia, Level Designer, CROTEAM, @nikablaine
Nikolay Syusko, Barcelona, Spain, CEO, The Moon Esports, @nicksvyaznoy
Nikolina Zidar, Helsinki, Finland, CEO, @Nixter21
Olga Makushenko, Moscow, Russia, Managing Director, 101XP, @bewitchedG
Olha Kravtsova, Germany, Client Solution Manager, TikTok
Oskar Svanberg, Sweden, Esports Producer, Nordsken and the Esports Broadcast Collective, @Oskar272
Ozlen Arslan, Berlin, Germany, HR Business Partner, Wargaming Germany GmbH
Pauline Marliere, Belgium, Art Director, @FreyaKyle
Poornima Kumar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Fan Relations, GameHouse
Priscila Gacio, Berlin, Junior UI/UX Designer, @pitygacio
Raheela Tahir, Hessen, Germany, Game Writer and Twitch Streamer, @raythenugget
René Otto, Netherlands, Video Game Lawyer, Van Lersel Luchtman, @FCreneotto
Riley Andersen Copenhagen, Denmark, CEO Umami Games, @rileylazy
Rosa Carbo-Mascarell, Spain, Co-Founder, Games for the Many, @moreelen
Rosemary Lokhorst, Cham, Switzerland, Executive Director The Digging Deep Project, @lokhorstr
Ruth Contreras, Barcelona, Spain, Professor, University of Barcelona, @ruthsofhia
Salla Hiistoski, Finland, Game Art/Art Outsourcing, Futureplay Games
Saskia van der Linden, Dublin, Ireland, HR and Recruitment Officer, Black Shamrock LTD, @SaskiavanderLi1
Scarlett Fu, Dusseldorf, Germany, Senior Ui Artist Blue Byte, @scarlett_fu
Silvia Pettini, Rome, Italy, Postdoctoral Researcher, Roma Tre University
Sindi Breshani, Albania, Narrative Designer and Creative Director, @SindiBreshani
Sophia Yiasoumi, Berlin, Germany, Director of Consumer Insights,
Sylvia Ulloque, Germany, UI Artist, @Xibzland
Tabea Iseli, Zurich, Switzerland, Founder Stardust LLC, @elisaitabe
Urszula Klimczak, Poland, Performance Coach – esports, @xirreth
Valeriia, Ukraine, Game Producer, Omnidrone, @ValerieToday
Vicky Lagarre, Belgium, Producing and Tech Community Director, UBISOFT, @VickyLagarre
Dr Victoria Bloom, Greece, Software Engineer, The Multiplayer Guys
Wiktoria Wójcik, Poland, Co-founder & CSO, inSTREAMLY and Streamcoi, @vikvojcik
Yuliya Oleshko, Spain, Business Development Manager
Zsofia Varady-Pall, Budapest, Hungary, Director of Account Division, DIGIC Pictures, @Sophiaso      

North America
Abby Sherlock, Los Angeles, Graduate Student, USC, @abby_sherlock
Aiden Strawhun, Calfornia, USA, Freelance Games Journalist, IGN, @AStraww
Alexa Lazerow, Miami, USA, Founder, A.L. Consulting, @alexalaz130
Alexa Velez, Los Angeles, USA, Social/Creative Producer, VENN, @cinderllexa
Alexandra Takei, Pennsylvania, Senior Financial Analyst Partnership & Strategy, Activision Blizzard
Ameliane F. Chiasson, Quebec, Canada, Accessibility Lead, Square Enix West, @AmelianeFC
Amy Allison, California, USA, Head of Community, Skydance Interactive, @craftdroid
Anish Lathker, California, eFuseeFuse Pipeline Head of Marketing @NullPenguin
Annie Lee, Canada, Community Manager, Relic Entertainment, @annieoflee
Avani Jain, California, USA, External Art Coordinator, Treyarch, @awjain
Bernice Wong, San Francisco, USA, Jr. UX/UI Designer, @bernicekahay
Callie Simonton, Oklahoma, USA, @kitren_
Carina Kom, Vancouver, Canada, Producer, @carinakom
Carolina Ellis, Vancouver, Canada, Director, People and Culture, Gasket Games, @funtobecarolina
Carrie Sloane, California, Environment Artist, Cold Iron Studios, @carriesloane
Cathy Montes, California, USA, Head of Talent Acquisition, WB Games
Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley, Washington, USA, Social Marketing Manager, The Pokémon Company International, @princessology
Charlene Ingram, San Francisco, Marketing Director, @tristencitrine
Christina Seal Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Senior Games Recruiter, Improbable, @c_e_seal
Christine Marten, California, USA, Community Manager, Lucid Sight, @thesmollestbirb
Crystal Mills, Tennessee, USA, Esports Writer, Podcast Host, Esports Insider, @CKMwrites
Cynthia Bedolla, USA, Coordinator – Boys and Girls Club of Chicago/Director of Community Outreach for Esports Student Leadership Board, DePaul University
Cynthia Huang, Vancouver, Canada, Founder, Altcoin Fantasy, @cyn_acf
Eliot Oreskovic, Ohio, USA, COO, United States Esports Association, @flkvrdr
Elizabeth Dacus, Washington, USA, Organized Play Associate, The Pokemon Company International, @lizthelizard222
Emma Bullen, Canada, Product Marketing Manager, Hyper Hippo, @emma_bullen
Emilice Vener, Pennsylvania, USA, Inland Logistics, Maresk, Co-Founder, The Athena Alliance, @Alliance_athena
Greden Camacho, USA, Twitch Streamer/Content Creator, @_thereal_chika_
Gynethia Sung, California, USA, Digital Marketing Specialist, Perfect World Entertainment, @gyneth_loraine
Hannah Thorsen, Nevada, USA, Munitions Handler, @Hannafier
Ilaria Di Camillo, Canada, Italian LQA Senior Tester, Keywords Studios Montreal, @LaJanon
Imanni Ahmed, Canada, Full Time Content Creator, @smgxprincessirl
Inhye Choi, Vancouver, Canada, Founder/Designer/Developer, UNDEFINEDteam
Jay Powell, North Carolina, Consultant, The Powell Group, @powell_jay
Jean Leggett, Toronto, Canada, CEO & Co-Founder, Speaker & Mentor, One More Story Games, @jeanleggett
Jenn Mac, New Hampshire, USA, blogger/reviewer, @wgomom1
Jennifer Curran, Canada, Communcations Director, Ironbelly Studios, @Jenncurran
Jennipher Judge, Austin, USA, Director of HR, Certain Affinity
Jessica Medeiros, Ontario, Canada, Marketing and Recruitment, Self Employed
Josh Lindsey, Alabama, USA, Research Student, @j0shlindsey
Juliette Dupré, New York, Head of HR/Head of People, @juliettedupre
Kate Howley, New York/New Jersey, Marketing, Social, and Community Manager, Helix Esports and Microsoft, @lilyhammer0709
Katherine Berry, Los Angeles, @bhombberry
Kris Gruchalla, California, USA, QA Manager & Production, Wevr, @KrisInVR
Kübra Taslak, New York, USA, Information Security Professional, Carayel
Leanne Charlotte Loombe, Los Angeles, USA, Executive Producer / Head of Riot Forge Riot Games, @lloombe
Leila Varzideh, Los Angeles, USA, Employee Lifecycle (HR), @leaningleila
Libby Kamen, New Jersey, USA, Community Manager & Marketing Specialist, @libbyk
Lily Yu, San Francisco, USA, Business Development, N3twork
Lindsey Williamson Christy, Canada, Director of Production, Phoenix Labs, @lindzeelootoo
Maria Oliveria Tamellini, California, USA, Co-founder and COO, GamerSafer, @mariatamellini
Maria Tokatjian, Washington, Legal Assistant, Ahlers Cressman & Sleight PLLC, @mariatokatjian
Maria Vasilchikova, California, USA, HR Manager/Producer, Unbroken Studios
Mariana D’Ornellas, Canada, UX/UI Designer, Klei Entertainment, @ma_dornellas
Maya Rand, California, USA, Co-Founder CEO of a startup, @mayalerand
Nellie Hughes, Seattle, USA Design Manager, Undead labs, @domesticon
Nicola Smith, California, USA, VP Global Talent Axquisition, Visual Concepts (2K), @nicolajshome
Olivia Colomier, New Jersey, USA, Student, @here_is_oilivia
Priya Talreja, California, Student
Roxanne Hafer, Florida, USA, Merchandising Execution Associate, Home Depot, @RoxanneKHafer
Scarlet Dangerfield, North Carolina, USA, Human Resources, Hi-Rez Studios, @ScarletPHR
Shaundel Celestin, Montreal, Canada, Owner of Nemesis Video Game Lounge, @nemesislan
Shirley McPhaul, Puerto Rico, University Professor/Game Design teacher, University of PR, @ValkryriaXR
Simona Vilutiene, Montreal, Canada, Development QA, Reflector Entertainment
Soureya Boudhabhay, Canada, Talent Acquisition Lead, Behaviour Interactive
Stefy Bau, California, USA, Init Esports Director, Init Esports Inc, @stefybau
Susannah Jones, New York, Software Engineer, Vicarious Visions, @susannahcodes
Taylor Lyles, Baltimore, USA, Journalist, @TayNixster
Terry Jones, Los Angeles, USA, Program Creator of Esports & Video Gaming
Tina Merry, Canada, Consultant/Senior Director, Tina Merry Consulting, @TinaLMerry
Virginia Frazee, Los Angeles, USA, Marketing Manager, Tap Systems, @mochilife
Viviane Feltrin, Canada, UI/UX Designer, Sprung Studios, @vivi_fel
Yuliya Arlova, Austin, USA, Business Development Manager,
Zoe Curnoe, Canada, Lead Producer, The Coalition, @amazoe    

International / Rest of World
Aisyah Ambok, Malaysia, Project Manager, Lemon Sky Studios, @cappyfish
Anshu Patni Singhi, Mumbai, India, Founder, CHNO Media
Ashley van Wyngaard, Australia, Game Producer, Wargaming Sydney. @ashvdub
Ayesha Samman, Pakistan, Caster, Streamer and Manager, RFTS, @mythicaltv
Bianca Garcia, Brazil, University Professor/Researcher/Teacher, Espiral Consultoria Linguistica, @bianacarvgarcia
Carolina Judith Teresita Verdejo Vera, Chile, Marketing Consultant, Renegade Wolf, @supportdigital
Cecilia Natalia Duarte, Buenos Aires, Lawyer, Doomfire Gaming Club CEO – LoL shoutcasterDoomfire Gaming Club, @LadyMufaTV
Chloe Prince, South Africa, Student, TheGamer (Valnet Inc), @chloe_ecnirp
Christian Bejarano, Mexico, Esports/Events Operations, Mujeres en Esports, @Chrisfected
Claudia Ciardi, Brazil, Community, Social Media and Influencer Manager, NVIDIA, @cauciardi
Dan Sun, Hong Kong, Employee Engagement, Riot Games, Hong Kong Studio
Diana Rodriguez, Mexico City, Mexico, CEO Big-Monster
Ellen Monteiro, Brazil, IT Senior Support Analyst, @Zaites_Walker 
Erin Hughes, New Zealand, Head of Community and Leagues, LetsPlayLive, @ezzasays
Estu Galih nur pratiwi, Indonesia, Artist, @nekozilla
Fida Zourob, Israel, Talent Acquisition Specialist in Technology
Florencia Fole, Argentina, Business Development, Terra Localizations and ADVA, @leflorci
Graziel May B.Togonon, United Arab Emirates, Office Admin Professional/Esports organiser & Gaming Community Founder, Blue Leaves Paper Production/GS-UNDC, @grazielmay
Jacqueline Garrett, Australia, CEO/Founder, GGWP Academy, @JaxGarrett3
Jana AlBdour, Jordan, Co-Founder, Sakura Games
Jinesha Gandhi, India, Game Producer, Ubisoft, @Jini.gandhi
Jo Eyre, South Africa, Head of Marketing & Communication, Quixel at Epic Games
Jorgelina Pecina, Argentina, PR/Journalist
Joy Mosope Ajayi, Nigeria, Game Developer Student, @mosope_aj
Julie Hyunjoo Song, South Korea, COO, GamBridzy, @juliezz104
Kah Hui Teo, Singapore, Global Localization Manager, Keywords Studios, @kahhui02
Khaula Khurshid, Islamabad, Pakistan, Project Manager WRP Studios
Liz Ballantyne, Brisbane, Australia, Art Lead, Gameloft, @shiftercreative
Luana Karen Andriamamonjy, Madagascar, Chairwoman, Women in Tech Madagascar, @luana_karen_
M.Cecilia Bustos, Argentina, eSports Coach, @Lady_Haru_
Maha Nawaz, Lahore, Pakistan, Game Designer, @TheRealFoofie
Mahum Khan, Lahore, Pakistan, Lead QA Engineer, Arthur Technologies, @MayhemActivated
Mahreen T Butt, Pakistan, eSports Tournament Caster, @engineerbun
Maia Cordero, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Game Developer/Teacher/CEO, Kubey Machine, @MaiaKord
Maite Lorente, São Paulo, Brazil, Marketing Manager, Gameloft, @malorente
Marcela Paz Salazar Hernandez, Chile, Internal Medicine/Co-CEO Edelweiss Esports, Universidad Andres Bello/Edelweiss Esports Limitada, @Aayla02
Maria Luz Camacho Parra, Colombia, DocenteServicio Nacional de Aprendizaje Sena, @marialuzac07
Maya Ashizumi-Munn, New Zealand, Student, Scratchpad
Micaela Mantegna, Argentina, Video Game Policy Attorney, Geekylegal, @whoisgallifrey
Michelle Chen, Melbourne, Australia, Indie Game Developer, @purplelilgirl
Nadia Trigo, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Ceo & Cmo at Nirof Nirof No
Paula Sifredi, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Video game translator and transcreator, @PauliiSfredi
Poornima Seetharaman, Bangalore, India, Game Design Consultant, Entrepreneur Pinaka Interactive, @Arty_Mis
Puspanegara Diva Siregar, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Student, Pendopo Studio, @diva_puspa
Raquel Figueiredo Silva, Brazil, UX Game Designer, @raquelgeek
Rebecca Chan, Shanghai, China, General Manager, Visual Concepts – 2K Sports
Renata Rapyo, São Paulo, Brazil, Game Designer, Women Game Jam, @renatarapyo
Rita Ríos, Arce Panamá, Panamá, COO/Founder and Lead of Design Area Multitool Studios, @rita_rios_arce
Rommy Barriga Cano, Bolivia, Producer, Game Designer and UX, Games for Love, @MampelSkyliner
Samia Chelbi, Tunisia, University Teacher, Manager of Innovation, President of DigiArtLivingLab, 3DNETINFO, DALL4ALL, @samiachelbi
Sandra Castro Pinzón (SandyCapi), Colombia, Bogotá, CEO of Tan Grande y Jugando, and the Videogame Chapter Director in the Colombian Software Federation @sandycapi
Shweta Patil, India, Game Dev
Sofia, Costa Rica, Material Supply Manager, Procter & Gamble
Susannah Emery, Australia, University Lecturer, University of South Australia, @susannahkemery
Tanishka, India, Game Designer, Gamestacy
Warda Rashid, Pakistan, Associate Producer, Big Immersive, @ZombiePenguinxD
Wisam Shaheen, Sudan, Student, University of Khartoum, @NotWisamShaeen
Zea Slosar, New Zealand, Producer, @ZeaSlosar 


Contacting an Ambassador

Ambassadors are contactable through LinkedIn and Twitter. Full lists of Ambassadors on Twitter.
Please personalise your request, keep it professional and reference the WIGJ Ambassador programme in your correspondence.

Becoming an Ambassador -Women in Games are now pausing new applications until 2021 as part of the search for a new sponsor to support the scale of the programme. Any interested sponsors should contact our Ambassador Director, Gemma Johnson-Brown.


Educational Ambassadors

Abertay University
Norwich University of the Arts
University of Roehampton