Women in Games launch 3rd year of Ambassador programme with 16 new Ambassadors

Women in Games is pleased to announce that Antonella Sciarrilo, Bethany White, Caoimhe Roddy, Emma Cowling, Jessica Harris, Kaliegh Branham, Kevin, Agwaze, Laura de Castro, Louise Jackson, Marina Diez Pereiro, Megan Zoe Garrett, Natalie Winter, Robin Milton, Scarlet Fu and Searra Dodds have joined the WIGJ Ambassador programme. All the new Ambassadors attended the last European Women in Games Conference in September to hear presentations on events organised by our existing Ambassadors. This new tranche of 16 individual was approved by the WIGJ Board in December.

Ambassadors volunteer to support girls and women in understanding the game industries and the opportunities there are within it. They also help Women in Games increase the reach and scale of its programmes and help it achieve the strategic goal of doubling the number of women in games over 10 years.

Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games commented, “We are delighted to welcome our 16 new Ambassadors to the programme. Our Ambassadors enable Women in Games to reach out to enable many more girls and women to learn about the many exciting jobs and careers that exist within games. We are already discussing some innovative projects and events with Ambassadors for 2019. Ambassadors are encouraged to reach out to their companies and local communities all over the UK and in parts of Europe.”

Women in Games is also pleased to announce that Gemma Johnson-Brown, Chief People Officer at Dovetail Games, has been appointed WIGJ Ambassador Director. Gemma will be the main point of contact for all Ambassadors moving forward. We thank Martine Spaans for all the work she has done as Ambassador Coordinator for the last year.

See our full list of 67 Ambassadors on our Ambassador page. This tells you more about the programme and how to reach out to all of our Ambassadors.

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