Women in Games Ambassadors push past 400 to represent the not for profit in 47 countries

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 46 Ambassadors bringing the total to 407 in 47 different countries. We welcome our first ambassador from Sudan, Wisam Shaheen, Belle Howard from Slovenia and from Malaysia, Aisyah Ambok.

Women in Games is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009, grown from grassroots to be the leading global force on gender equality in the gaming business. It works to achieve full and lasting equity and parity throughout the gaming and esports industry pipelines and beyond. Its vision is of not only an industry but a culture and community free of gender discrimination, where equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers girls and women from all backgrounds to achieve full potential.

Ambassadors are grouped by geographical region and we welcome Alanna Butchart from Scotland. Anthony Allen, Jade Knox, Katey Roberts, Lauren Walton and Mel Ramsay for the North of the UK. From London and the South East, Annie Clare, Kemi Giwa, Mabel Corsi, Poppy Parr and Sam Mickan. From the Midlands we welcome Emily Evans, Emma Thompson, Giverny Wilson-Martin, Jem Patel, Sian-Blue Rogers and Stephanie LaVita. From Ireland we welcome Monica Dalla Valle.

From mainland Europe, we welcome Barbara Leal and Salla Hiistoski from Finland, Ines Lagarto from Portugal, Jenny Ching-Wei Lee from Belgium, Nadine Juglair from Italy, Rene Otto from Netherlands and Wiktoria Wojcik from Poland and Sindi Breshani from Albania.

From the North American region, we welcome Alexa Lazerow, Carina Kom, Cynthia Bedolla, Elizabeth Dacus, Hannah Thorsen, Ilaria Di Camillo, Jennifer Curran, Libby Kamen and Shirley McPhaul. In the Rest of the World region we welcome Bianca Garcia from Brazil, Jinesha Gandhi from India and from Colombia, Maria Luz Camacho Parra.

“Women in Games is proud of all our Ambassadors, who increasingly join us from all corners of the world to support us with our vision and mission.” says Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO Women in Games.

You can see the full list of Ambassadors including their location and job role here

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