Women in Games Ambassadors now in 52 countries incl. Jordan, Singapore, Israel, Turkey and UAE.

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 39 Ambassadors bringing the total to 446 in 52 different countries. We welcome our first ambassador from Jordan, Jana Albdour. From Singapore, Kah Hui Teo. From Israel, Fida Zourob. From Turkey Nesligül Deniz Kolaşinli and from United Arab Emirates, Graziel May B.Togonon.

Women in Games is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009, grown from grassroots to be the leading global force on gender equality in the gaming business. It works to achieve full and lasting equity and parity throughout the gaming and esports industry pipelines and beyond. Its vision is of not only an industry but a culture and community free of gender discrimination, where equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers girls and women from all backgrounds to achieve full potential.

Ambassadors are grouped by geographical region and we welcome Natalie Cook from Scotland. Erin Spence from the North of the UK. From the Midlands, James Vickers and Kate Parker. We also welcome Hannah Jarvis, Holly Reddaway, Lois Page, Maiiri Nolan and Nisha Bhalla from London and the South East. From the South of the UK, Joy Dey, Joyce Brabban and Sophie van den Boomen.

From mainland Europe, we welcome Anna Roth from Sweden. Yuliya Oleshko from Spain. From Denmark, Nanna Falk. Dominia Szot and Maria Borys-Piątkowska from Poland. Michaela Plack from Czech Republic. From Germany, Priscila Gacio. Vicky Lagarre from Belgium and from Greece, Dr Victoria Bloom.

From the North American region, we welcome Alexa Velez, Alexandra Takei, Annie Lee, Greden Camacho, Kris Gruchalla, Priya Talreja and Soureya Boudhabhay. In the Rest of the World region we welcome Ashley van Wyngaard from Australia. Jo Eyre from South Africa. M.Cecilia Bustos from Argentina. From New Zealand, Maya Ashizumi-Munn and from India, Shweta Patil and Tanishka.

“Women in Games is proud of all our Ambassadors, who increasingly join us from all corners of the world to support us with our vision and mission.” says Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO Women in Games. You can see the full list of Ambassadors here.

Women in Games are now pausing new applications until 2021 as part of the search for a new sponsor to support the scale of the programme. Any interested sponsors should contact our Ambassador Director, Gemma Johnson-Brown on hello [at]

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