Jagex joins Women in Games as our latest Corporate Ambassador

We are pleased to announce Jagex as our latest Corporate Ambassador and newest member of the Women in Games family. They have already made some great strides in creating a more equal games industry by helping form the UKIE diversity pledge as funding partners, organised a workshop with Girls’ Game Lab about teaching 8-12 year old girls to make their first game in an afternoon and have also started an internal support initiative, that will help answer any diversity related questions and also provide support.

Jagex has stated, “As company of passionate developers and producers of living games, we’re very proud to support Women in Games. At Jagex, we believe that higher levels of gender diversity in the organisation has a positive impact on our culture. The progressive strides we’re taking in engaging with young women studying STEM subjects to encourage career considerations in the video game industry, and empowering women within it, is vitally important to reflect the gender diversity and interests of our players”.

We look forward to working with them closely over the coming year and seeing what we can do!

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