Message from Marie-Claire Isaaman, Women in Games CEO

We’ve received some queries and questions regarding our forthcoming conference so I am taking the opportunity to answer some of them here.

As a result of Covid-19 we have reinvented our annual conference and pivoted completely to an unknown virtual conference format, something we have never done before. The aim of our 2020 conference: is to provide an online community space, where women from all over the world can learn from each other’s experiences, knowledge and insight, something we believe is crucial in the advancement of women in the industry.  

We are small but mighty with big ambitions. Women in Games has no full-time salaried staff and our dedicated conference team is working flat out to deliver this event, going above and beyond, from the bottom of my heart I thank them all.

Innovate UK Grant

In May 2020 Women in Games applied for an Innovate UK  Business-led innovation in response to global disruption grant. This is public money, every aspect of the grant spend is accountable to Innovate UK. This grant does not cover all the costs and resources involved in putting on the conference but covers a wide range of things such as significant investment in the ‘Hopin’ Conferencing Platform, fit for a global event – conference design, planning, production, management, outreach, curation, website, and delivery of the event – and post conference a legacy space, showcase, playbook, retrospective and reporting. 


Our annual conference is not B2B. Sponsors are not just sponsoring a one off commercial event It’s so much more, their valued support helps sustain us and we work closely, as partners, across the year to support diversity and inclusion initiatives within the sector.  We are on a journey towards sustainability and increased impact, our long term goal is to be a sustainable charitable organisation. 

Ticket Sales

The majority of tickets have been offered to our communities at no cost. This includes: all ambassadors, students and community organisations participating in our community booths. 

We have included a nominal $10 USD ticket price, this is mainly to act as a deterrent for trolls and toxic people, a very real problem for virtual events, especially those that are free. We want to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all our participants. Covid-19 has had a detrimental financial impact for some, on our registration page, those that are struggling, can reach out for support.


We are supporting our community and listening to you. There is currently no clear industry standard with regards to speaker fees and across sectors there are questions about the nature of events – is it profitable or is it charitable? 

As a non-profit we simply do not have the resources to address this, to a level we want to yet. But we are committed to supporting our community. The conference team has reviewed what we can do, with limited funds. And agreed, we will divert all paid for, net costs of ticket sales, towards a speaker monetary pool. This is an interim solution whilst we build a longer-term strategy to tackle this cross-industry wide issue.

We have been transparent with everyone engaged with the conference and hope they consider giving their time as a benefit to supporting a positive and worthwhile cause. If anybody feels that they are being compromised by contributing to the forthcoming Women in Games Global Conference and wishes to step down, we understand. 

Until then we remain steadfast in what we are setting out to achieve. We believe in supporting each other, our community and all women who want to enter the games industry and all those working within it.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Women in Games Global Conference 2020 9th and 10th September. 

We ask that you are kind and respectful, if you want to ask questions, email us or talk to us directly to find out the facts about the work we are doing.

Women in Games is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to achieving our vision for a games industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination, where full equity and parity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all backgrounds, to achieve their full potential.


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