Women in Games extends its Ambassador Programme into Esports with another 24 in month.

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 24 Ambassadors bringing the total to 291 in 37 different countries. Over 30 of new Ambassadors in the last 3 months work in the esports sector and we expect this to grow substantially. 70% of new Ambassadors are from outside the UK.  We welcome our first Ambassador from Greece, Danae Antonopoulou.

Women in Games is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009, grown from grassroots to be the leading global force on gender equality in the gaming business. It works to achieve full and lasting equity and parity throughout the gaming and esports industry pipelines and beyond. Its vision is of not only an industry but a culture and community free of gender discrimination, where equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers girls and women from all backgrounds to achieve full potential.

Ambassadors are grouped by geographical region and we welcome Emily-Rose Worrall from Liverpool for the North of the UK. Natalie Hunt is joining us from the South of the UK. From London and the South East, we welcome Grace Collas, Hannah Jay Rees and Holly Gordon. From the Midlands we welcome Lauren Moses. From Scotland we have Charly Harbord joining.
From mainland Europe, we welcome Marina Sevastidou from Cyprus and Oskar Svanberg from Sweden.

From the North American region, we welcome Charlene Ingram, Imanni Ahmed, Jay Powell, Juliette Dupré, Maria Oliveria Tamellini, Maria Tokatijan, Scarlet Dangerfield, Stefy Bau, Susannah Jones and Viviane Feltrin. In the Rest of the World region, we welcome Adoné Kitching from South Africa, Cecilia Natalia Duarte from Buenos Aires and Mahum Khan and Warda Rashid from Pakistan.

“Women in Games continues to reach out globally in these uncertain times. The organisation provides an infrastructure that is welcoming to individuals who care passionately about the future of the games industry from all over the world.  I am pleased that Women in Games is building a coalition of advisers and supporters to help attract and retain more women in esports and our Ambassador programme is open to all who work in this sector.” says David Smith, COO and Esports Lead for Women in Games.

You can see the full list of Ambassadors including their location and job role, as well as how to apply if you are interested in joining our Ambassador team here

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