WIGJ appoints first Ambassadors in Canada, Argentina, Nigeria, India, China and New Zealand

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 29 Ambassadors bringing the total to 143. New Ambassadors in Canada, Argentina, Nigeria, India, China and New Zealand mean that the Women in Games organisation is now represented in 23 different countries. 12 of the new 29 Ambassadors are based outside of Europe as the word spreads that there is the opportunity to promote more equality in all game making countries. Equality is the organising principle of Women in Games. It’s our North Star. Everything we do is in service of achieving full and lasting equality for all women throughout the game industries and beyond.

Our Ambassador are now shown by region and we welcome, in this new format, Jasmin Ali, Jo Daly, Johanna Vuorela and Subina Kianai from the North of the UK. We welcome Clare McGlaughry, Jacqui Edwards, Jade Loomes and Justine Knight from the Midlands. From London and the South East, we welcome Annabel Ashalley-Anthony, Beatrice Teoh, Geraldine Mainaky and Lauren Kaye. From the South of the UK, we welcome Vanissa Wanick. From mainland Europe, we welcome Felicia Prehn, Maria Fernanda Diez Huerta, Poornima Kumar and Silvia Pettina.

Globally we welcome Anshu Patni Singhi (from India), Cynthia Huang (from Canada), Jenn Mac, Jorgelina Pecina (from Argentina), Joy Moscope Ahayi (from Nigeria), Kubra Taslak, Nellie Hughes, Rebecca Chan (from China), Shaundel Celestin, Taylor Lyles, Terry Jones and Zea Slosar (from New Zealand).

Marie-Claire Isamaan, CEO of Women in Games, commented. “Our Ambassadors from across the UK, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia will be able to inspire and give support to women and girls in understanding the games industry and the opportunities there are within it. If you are considering a career in games, please reach out to our local and global Ambassadors who will be pleased to give advice specific to their experience.”

You can see the full list of Ambassadors including their location and job role, as well as how to apply if your are interested in joining our Ambassador team on this page.


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