Women in Games Ambassadors are now in 34 countries with 26 Ambassadors in North America

Ambassadors at 2019 Conference

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 11 Ambassadors bringing the total to 239. The growth of Ambassadors outside the UK continues with another 7 joining the organisation. The Vision of Women in Games is a games industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination, where full equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all women to achieve their full potential. Our Ambassadors volunteer to organise a local meeting or event of their choosing in their studio, city or region in the first 12 months and are given some support to do this. 2 Ambassadors can work together to do this.

Ambassadors are grouped by geographical region and we welcome Emily Sheraton and Katie Memmott from the North of the UK. Wales is now the map with Bex Betton from Cardiff and she is grouped with our Ambassadors in the Midlands of the UK. From London and the South East, we welcome Eugenia Peruzzo.

From mainland Europe, we welcome Anita Szegedi from Hungary, Saskia van der Lindon – the first Ambassador in Ireland – and Sophia Yiasoumi from Germany. In a newly created North American region we welcome Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley and Nicola Smith from the USA. Women in Games now has 26 Ambassadors from North America with 17 from the USA and 9 from Canada.

In the Rest of the World region we welcome Ellen Monteiro from Brazil and Paula Sifredi from Argentina.

“I am pleased to see the Ambassador network continue to grow. We have received a number of messages from Women across the globe looking for advice and support in these unprecedented times. Now more than ever we need to step up and advocate as Women in Games Ambassadors. Existing equality challenges are being compounded by new problems emerging from pandemic-related disruption to the games industry, its working contexts and conditions. As a result, the Ambassador events are needed now more than ever to support the community. I look forward to working with our ambassadors on virtual events across the world.”

You can see the full list of Ambassadors including their location and job role, as well as how to apply if you are interested in joining our Ambassador team on this page

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