WIGJ supports invitational Overwatch tournament – Cat Collective Community Cup 12-13 September

Women in Games is supporting its first esports event for women and non-binary Overwatch players from established community groups on 12-13 September. Working with the established, professional tournament organisers, Monkey Bubble, the second day of this event will be streamed through the Women in Games Twitch account at starting at 1.00 pm CEST/ 2.00 pm BST.

Women in Games announced its partnership with the Cat Collective community group in May. The Cat Collective is a female and LGBTQ+ friendly server that wants to focus on creating a safe, open minded and engaging environment to play games. The Cat Collective now has 7 teams and 2 teams will be playing against 6 other teams in this community tournament featuring players in 5 communities spread across Europe.


Other communities with teams in the event are

Galactic Guardians, a loving and welcoming lgbtq+ community with multiple female only/mixed Overwatch teams and an Apex legends team.
Altiora, an Overwatch community founded on principles of sportsmanship, respect, and diversity.
Nerf This, a kind and supportive Overwatch community.
Project Eden is am Overwatch esports organisation focused on creating a healthy environment for gamers.

This tournament has a format and additional rules to encourage a professional but fun community experience for all teams. There is a SR lock or form of handicapping to ensure all teams have a similar level of experience. A ‘no bad manners’ rule goes further than is usual to encourage sporting behaviour. And the preliminary rounds are in an unusual round robin format so that all teams get to play each other rather than have the weaker teams leave early in the tournament.

David Smith, esports lead for Women in Games commented, “Women in Games wants to demonstrate its support for all women and non-binary esports players across Europe. We want to encourage and build existing communities that will expand the talent pipeline. Too often the focus of tournaments is on establishing who is at the very top of the talent tree and not how to grow healthily its roots and branches, which is needed to expand significantly the talent pipeline. This tournament will showcase these less well known communities and their talent and we hope it will encourage many more casual players to join and participate in competitive gaming.”

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