Women in Games host University Diversity in Gaming/Esports Conference – 8 October

Why a conference on diversity?  Gaming is for everyone but competitive gaming is very male dominated. Women in Games want to encourage University Esports and Gaming clubs and societies to be more inclusive, welcoming more women and non-binary students, and is hosting this online event to discuss thoughts and recommendations from invited speakers. Register today at

Audience. This conference is aimed at everyone attending a UK university who is or wants to be a part of a gaming or esports club or society, or has responsibilities for a club or society at a university or college. Whilst targeted at universities in the UK, there should be parallels for students and staff at universities in other countries.

Takeaways. Attendees will learn about initiatives and best practice being developed at individual universities. Women in Games is also preparing a set of guidelines or recommendations in this area that have been drafted in consultation with tournament organisers, The NUEL and existing individual clubs and societies. This event forms part of the consultation process. All attendees will be sent these guidelines when they have been finalised.

Platform. Only those registered in advance on the Hopin platform will be able to attend this event. All attendees will be able reach out and message and chat with other attendees. This event will be a great opportunity to meet players and committee members from other universities. Register today at

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