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WIGJ launch initiative to support women games streamers on Twitch

Women in Games WIGJ is pleased to announce an initiative to showcase and support women streamers on Twitch. These ‘GamerGirls’ typically stream from home and rely on subscriptions from those watching their streams.

WIGJ plans to collaborate with some of the most passionate streamers who will stream every Saturday from 12 noon to 12 midnight through the WIGJ Twitch account at   The first steam is Saturday 11 August with 12:00 – 14:55   LieseInWonderland, 15:00 – 17:55   AskLuna, 18:00 – 20:55   Bex_bomb and 21:00 – 00:00  ConnieKur0i

The initiative is the idea of WIGJ Community Manager, Mareike Rieger, who said “We are hoping to build a community to create awareness for esports and to improve the credibility and acceptance of streamers. Giving a platform for all who sometimes don’t feel like they have one. As we are non-profit all the work we do for streamers is voluntary.”

David Smith, WIGJ Founder, commented. “Streamers are an important part of the esports ecosystem as they seek to make a living from playing games. Some streamers move on to play esports at a semi professional level. WIGJ wants to support streamers by showcasing the talent that exists. WIGJ seeks to build its network with streamers who care about supporting each other in the streaming community.

With the imminent disappearance of communities from Twitch, WIGJ are campaigning to incorporate self-identification into the new Twitch tags. In the same vein as the LGBTQ+ tag, WIGJ seeks tags for gender and ethnicity. We suggest ? These are common on Twitter.

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