Women in Games WIGJ appoint further Individual and Corporate Ambassadors

WIGJ_logo_primary_AmbassadorWomen in Games is pleased to add 13 further individual ambassadors and 2 new Corporate Ambassadors to its Ambassador Programme. After attending a series of workshops at the European Women in Games Conference, the new Ambassadors were finally approved by the Women in Games Board last week. The organisation is proud to have now 53 Ambassadors and you can see the full list with details of location and jobs title on our Ambassador Page

WIGJ welcomes Amy Scott, Alison-Julia Riguelme Cihak, Danette Beatty, Jamey Stevenson, Lucy Kyriakou, Lynne Liu, Michelle Chen and Rosa Carbo-Mascarel from England as well as Erin Stevenson and Hannah Aitken from Scotland, Claire Bourgoin from France, Pauline Mariliere from Belgium and Marina Amores from Spain. Anyone interested in joining the WIGJ Ambassador Programme should contact our CEO, Marie-Claire Isaaman.

The Women in Games Board were also pleased to hear presentations from Laura Cole of Codemasters and Tamsin O’Luanaigh of nDreams as they told of some of their plans to make their studios more inclusive. Their applications to become Corporate Ambassadors for WIGJ was unanimously approved. Any games company interested in joining the WIGJ Ambassador Programme should contact the Founder, David Smith.


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