If you’re a Women in Games Ambassador, we urge you to schedule in your diary our Individual Ambassador Annual Gathering, powered by Keywords Studios, on Tuesday May 14th.

This online event – hosted via the RingCentral (formerly Hopin) platform – has a theme of ‘Empowerment Through Connection’ and will provide a full day of learnings and talks covering four primary areas:

My Story: A series of intimate, personal storytelling sessions where Individual Ambassadors share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs within and beyond the gaming industry. This segment aims to inspire, resonate with, and empower our attendees through the real-life stories of courage, resilience, and success.

Our Event: This segment is dedicated to Ambassadors who have spearheaded Ambassador-led events. Speakers will share their experiences, insights, and learnings from organising these events, covering planning, execution, challenges, and impact.

Giving Back: A forward-looking exploration of how individual Ambassadors can collaborate with Education and Corporate Ambassadors to give back to the community. Opportunity to bring external speakers in to enable the introduction of innovative ideas and strategies for leveraging our collective strengths for greater impact and using the Ambassador role to engage in activities that give back to the community via mentoring, education and more..

Our Resources: The grand unveiling of the Ambassadors Exclusive Website, a comprehensive repository of resources tailored to the needs of Women in Games Ambassadors. This segment will offer a guided tour of the website, highlighting features, content, and tools designed to support ambassadors in their roles.

Women in Games Ambassador Director Gemma Johnson-Brown said: “With some 2,000 Ambassadors spanning 77 countries, this event powered Keywords Studios, provides an environment which fosters a deep connections within our community, celebrating diversity, sharing personal journeys, and offering invaluable resources for professional growth.

“This annual gathering of individuals from across the world is vitally important in our collective journey towards a gaming industry that is fair, equitable and a place of belonging. We urge all of our Ambassadors to attend.”

Women in Games Ambassadors will be sent a unique link to allow them to attend the event. If you are unable to attend on the day, or for the full day, recordings will be available after the event.

If you’d like to find out more, email

Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash