How to apply

Everyone working in or looking to work within games is welcome to apply to join the program, providing they join us in our mission.

Our Individual Ambassador Mission.

To support all women, female identifying persons, non-binary people and allies, in understanding the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter at what stage their career or life journey they are in.

(If you are interested in getting involved in either the Corporate or Education Ambassador programme please contact us at

Please read overview below before you apply

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Individual Ambassadors

We empower people to challenge and counter persistently high levels of gender inequality and discrimination by providing a safe space to socially connect, exchange knowledge and perspectives to activate change.

We celebrate and showcase the work and talent of women throughout the sector providing unique opportunities for our ambassadors to contribute to: our conference, our events, our awards, our research and our community and celebrate innovation.

What are Ambassadors expected to do?

Ambassadors are expected to reach out to:
  • Young women at school, college and university and encourage them to consider the games industry and esports as a career
  • Industry & educational leaders and local government in their region to form long term strategic partnerships
  • All allies, women, men and non-binary people, in order to grow the Women in Games community and network.

Ambassadors Event Fund

We have an Ambassadors Event Fund that can provide support for ambassadors to put on an event or instigate an initiative.

We are open to ALL ideas – Ambassadors can collaborate with one another and we welcome innovative and impactful proposals.

Previously run events have included: social meet-ups, workshops, portfolio and CV reviews, coffee breaks, company presentations, school presentations. Events and initiatives can be hosted anywhere and any how! Online, inside company environments, universities, schools, at events and, of course, in more social spaces!

The funding amount is variable dependent on the activity. The maximum available for an event is £500. A proposal including full costing must be submitted before the event takes place. This will go through a review and approval process.

The Ambassador Event Fund is revised and renewed annually.

What you receive for being a Women in Games Ambassador:

  • Part of a supportive, safe space for all
  • Access to exclusive Ambassador only events, workshops and support
  • Access to Ambassador only social channels
  • Access to Ambassador network, including corporates and educational
  • Free tickets to Women in Games organised conferences and events.
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Support to organise and run your own event in your local community

In return for being a Women in Games Ambassador we request the following:

As a minimum we expect:

  • Support for ours and ambassadors activities, this can be demonstrated by liking and sharing social media posts and being an active contributing member on the discord channel, Facebook group and LinkedIn group.
  • Inclusion of Ambassador status on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Joining the Discord Server and the Ambassador only chat channel
  • Join our list of Ambassadors on our website, include photo, name, social media info
  • Professional Behaviour and conduct online and in public.
  • Take part in events run by the organisation or ambassadors

In a 12 month period It is desirable goal for Ambassadors to:

  • Run/co-run a workshop
  • Host a social event
  • Create a visible initiative

Women in Games reserves the right to remove any ambassador, without notice, reason or compensation, if the above rules are not followed or if an Ambassador acts inappropriate, acts against the Women in Games ethos and values, brings the organisations reputation into question either online (in their personal or professional fields) or at events.