We’re counting down to our Annual Ambassador Only Gathering, powered by Keywords Studios, which takes place virtually on Tuesday May 14th.

With a theme of ‘Empowerment Through Connection’, the full day of learnings and inspiration will focus on four key areas: My Story, My Event, My Giving Back and My Resources.

We’re delighted to announce our first speakers and to provide more details on how you, as an Individual Ambassador, can get involved too.

We’re very pleased to welcome the following speakers and sessions:

  • My Story: Xiange Wang, Mechanical Engineer at Meta, will talk about her ongoing journey from Mechanical Engineer to 3D Game Artist
  • My Giving Back: René Otto, Founding Partner of Deviant Legal in the Netherlands will discuss hisher company’s programme of free legal advocacy
  • Our Story: Italian Ambassadors Eva Sturlese and Giulia Rovai share their inspiring story of driving collaborative projects. Discover how they’re supporting women in games in Italy through their desire to make a difference
  • My Event: Lorena Gjana will share her pioneering journey. Discover her commitment to nurturing the Albanian games industry from its grassroots. Be inspired by her efforts to cultivate a culture of play, inclusivity, and innovation, laying foundations for a vibrant gaming scene
  • My Giving Back: Keywords Studios’ Taruna Arora, who is based in India, is an expert on people and culture. She will share the ways her Ambassadorship enables giving back
  • My Events: Kah Hui Teo, Global Localisation Manager at Keywords Studios and Dan Sun, Freelance Consultant, will be discussing Women in Games Asia: charting the development of events in the region
  • My Story: Šebnem Alpayli, User Acquisition Manager at Stillfront Group, will outline her games journey and what the Ambassador Programme means to her
  • My Event: Paula Manrique, Present for Nyhetsmorgon from TV4, and Sarah Jacobson, from The GD Studio in Sweden will explain how they hosted one of the biggest Ambassador-led events in their region last year
  • My Giving Back: Adela Kapuscinska, Game Designer at Spain’s Larian Studios, will share the details of her visit to her old high-school, when she and a team of game design professionals shared an overview of game development as a career

This is a hugely important event for our global community of Women in Games Ambassadors, and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

All Ambassadors will receive a ‘magic link’ via our event platform email

Women in Games <>, which will allow you to register and attend with your fellow Ambassadors from around the world.

It is an essential date in the calendar for all Women in Games Ambassadors. And here’s everything you need to know…

When does it take place and where?
The Annual Ambassador Only Gathering takes place on Tuesday May 14th to Wednesday May 15th via the online platform RingCentral (formerly Hopin). It takes place from 6am BST on the Tuesday and runs for 24 hours to take in all time zones.

Do I need to attend for all of it?
Not at all! We’re hosting the event across 24 hours to ensure that the Women in Games Ambassador community from across the world – in 77 countries and counting! – is able to attend at some point during the day.

The speaker sessions during the Annual Ambassador Only Gathering take place from 7am to 8.45pm BST, but we extended the hours outside of these sessions to facilitate virtual networking amongst Ambassadors in all time zones.

We recognise that everyone has commitments – both professional and personal – so we understand that Ambassadors may only be able to attend for part of the day. The RingCentral platform that we use means that everyone can catch up on any sessions that they missed for up to six months after the event.

As an Ambassador am I expected to attend the event?
An important part of every Women in Games’s Ambassador’s role is to engage with us and contribute to our work – by evangelising our goals and missions, by connecting with your local community, and by hosting events, from virtual coffee breaks to larger scale affairs and by attending events we organise.

We urge all of our Ambassadors to attend this Annual event to learn from and be inspired by those who are really pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve as individuals.

In addition, this year’s Annual Ambassadors Only Gathering will see two major new initiatives announced, including the launch of exciting new resources for all our Ambassadors. We very much hope that you can make it…

How flexible is the attendance requirement for the Annual Gathering?
Attendance at the Annual Gathering is designed to be as flexible as possible. We understand that availability can vary depending on individual commitments and managerial discretion.

Ambassadors are encouraged to participate according to their own schedules and capacities. The event is structured over 24 hours to accommodate different time zones and personal obligations.

Can I receive a certificate of attendance, and how can I use it?Yes, certificates of attendance are available upon request, please email These certificates can serve as a formal acknowledgment of your engagement and professional development at the gathering. Usage may vary significantly between different organisations and regions; however, they can often be included in personal portfolios or presented as proof of ongoing professional development in performance reviews.

What is the focus of this year’s Gathering?
This year’s theme, ‘Empowerment Through Connection’, focuses on sharing personal and professional stories, enhancing skills in community engagement, and fostering a supportive network. The planned format includes interactive sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities to align with this vision and bring a sharper focus to the event.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on May 14th!

If you do not receive an email containing your link to register within the next week, please contact us via