Women in Games Festival

The Women in Games Annual Festival

Marie-Claire Isaaman CEO

Join us for our Women in Games Global Festival, a first of its kind, taking place in early September 2021. Attend our annual conference, take part in our games jam, compete in our esports tournament and celebrate the ‘stars’ of our awards

Gather in the Women in Games Galaxy, where we will be collaborating with our community and industry partners to bring you an array of entertaining, informative celestial experiences. You will have the opportunity to explore ‘satellite planets’    vibrant spaces adjacent to gaming such as: fashion and beauty, culture and art, cosplay and  streaming, VR and AI, all moving us closer to the realities of the Metaverse. 

The Metaverse will enable remote work with 3D virtual meetings that support large companies and industry events, where one can watch presentations or network at a cocktail party. Creating together will also vastly expand in the Metaverse, from digital experiences, such as game design, to fashion and architecture. 

There will be learning –  talented individuals and teams will share their knowledge

There will be networking – professional exchanges and friendships formed

There will be fun – quizzes, networking, music and DJs, comedy and performance.

Get in touch if you want to create a planet! collaborate or sponsor, we are open to all possibilities. hello@womeningames.org 

As the planets align we will provide updates here, so please keep checking for the latest Festival news.