To kickstart 2024 as we begin work on ‘Making Meaningful Change’ and taking action, two Women in Games Ambassadors based in Seattle will next week host a panel session and networking event designed to bring together the local development community.

‘Level Up Together: Navigating Game Developer Communities for Collective Professional and Career Advancement’ will take place on Tuesday January 16th from 5pm to 8pm at the EPAM offices.

The event is being organised by Women in Games Ambassadors Olga Sheverieva and Cami Smith, with the generous support of software engineering specialist EPAM Systems.

The panel will discuss how communities are pivotal for professional and personal development, providing networking opportunities, collaborative environments, knowledge sharing and emotional support. The panellists include:

  • Renee Gittins – Creative Director at Stumbling Cat – 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Games
  • Elaine Chase – Former Executive at Wizards of the Coast
  • Kate Edwards – Director at The Global Game Jam, Chief Experience Officer at SetJetters – Forbes Women 50 Over 50

The event is free to attend. Simply register your interest here –

We thank our Ambassadors Olga and Cami for organising this event. Here’s a little more about them:

Olga Sheverieva – Women in Games Ambassador since July 2023. Olga is a sales specialist who has been a part of the industry for the past five years. Olga’s passion is for fostering symbiotic relationships and helping with nurturing the communities. At the moment, Olga contributes to co-hosting three local industry networking events in Seattle for people of different seniority levels and backgrounds. She believes magic happens when people get together. Contributing to Women in Games is her way to pay back for all the fantastic support she received from so many incredible women throughout her career – managers, colleagues, mentors, friends.

Cami Smith – Women in Games Ambassador since January 2022. Cami has been contributing to the games and entertainment industry’s impact since 2008. Currently, Cami serves as a Senior Executive Recruiter for a local Seattle gaming company. Cami Smith’s superpower is building community. She has played a role in creating well-established groups such as Seattle IGDA, Seattle Indies, Seattle Diversity Collective, and most recently, Con-Spire. She is passionate about helping people feel connected to others around them. Being a part of the industry for a long time, she is especially ardent about helping women succeed and believes in doing so by providing community, mentorship, and support.