Our Corporate Ambassador Charlotte Tilbury has just marked its first year immersed in the world of gaming via its Twitch channel.

Bringing together women gaming influencers, the channel has enjoyed 1.5m minutes of content hosted by streamers Megsoundslikeegg, 35pRamen, and newcomers to the channel, Ysabella_Grace, and Marignetic.

Livestreaming five days a week, the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Twitch channel features giveaways, competitions, unboxings, and brand updates such as new product reveals and exclusive Charlotte Tilbury Beauty access to red carpet events in three must-watch formats, covering:

  • Get Ready with Me and Game, where hosts create their favourite Charlotte Tilbury Beauty looks and play the latest games.
  • The Tilbury Time podcast featuring a selection of guests from the games industry including new and established streamers, BAFTA Games Awards nominated voice actors, and inspirational entrepreneurs in the industry, all discussing a range of topics both within and beyond the world of games.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Pro Makeover Fridays, a masterclass session from one of Team Tilbury’s fantastic Pro Artists to kickstart the weekend glamour with the channel’s hosts.

Corinne Suchy, Chief Growth and Technology Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty said: “Charlotte Tilbury’s mission has always been to make everyone, everywhere feel their most beautiful and confident every day, and our Twitch channel has brought our mission of empowerment to the gaming community!

“Over the last 12 months we have built authentic relationships with beauty-loving gamers; together with our incredible hosts, Meg, Davina, Bella, and Maria, we have created immersive experiences that deliver elevated and educational content to the gaming community every day!

“As a female-founded brand it was so important to highlight, champion, and empower female gamers and connect with them in fun and disruptive ways, meeting our incredible community wherever they are.”

You can find the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Twitch channel here –