One of Women in Games Priority Spheres of Action is talent development to address skills shortage, evolve talent and foster leadership culture. We know there is a lack of women in leadership positions within our sector and that action needs to be taken to change this.

So we are happy to see that our Education Ambassador The Coders Guild has introduced the Women’s Leadership Course, which it describes as ‘a beacon of empowerment and advancement for women in leadership roles’.

This course is specially crafted for women and non-binary individuals, with a keen focus on those identifying as neurodiverse, and aims to equip them with tools to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Why This Course Matters
Statistics paint a compelling picture: despite making up half of the workforce, women hold less than 25% of leadership roles in the tech sector. This disparity isn’t just a gender issue; it’s a missed opportunity for innovation and growth. This course looks to change that narrative.

Course Highlights: Leadership, Authenticity and Self-Advocacy
The Coders Guild has curated a curriculum that covers key elements of leadership, with practical, in-person workshops and remote training tailored to support women leaders and neurodiverse women leaders in accelerating their careers.

  • Embrace Authenticity: Learn how to bring your whole self to work, shattering stereotypes and embracing your unique leadership style.
  • Increase capacity and skills across leadership, planning and delivery: Discover innovative  tools and frameworks to establish team charters, KPIs, OKRs and job canvases.
  • Balance the ‘Female Load’: Strategies to manage work-life pressures, a challenge faced by 78% of women in tech.
  • Build Your Network: Engage with peer networks for support and empowerment, a key factor in the success of 85% of women in leadership roles.

Time to Break Some Glass
Don’t miss this opportunity to redefine your career trajectory. Whether you’re an established leader or aspiring to be one, this course is a stepping stone to a more empowered, balanced, and successful professional life.

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Join the Team
Meanwhile, as The Coders Guild continues to grow and evolve, it is looking for a new governor to join the Board: “We’re seeking someone with experience and understanding of the education and skills sector, who shares our passion for empowering individuals through technology and inclusion”.

If you’re ready to make a difference and be part of a dynamic organisation committed to driving positive change, email