Women in Games Ambassador René Otto, Attorney & Founder of Deviant Legal, has launched a new initiative, providing free legal consultations for women and marginalised individuals in games, esports and content creation.

René took part in our Ambassador Only Gathering this week, hosting a speaker session on ‘My Giving Back’ and highlighting the initiative.
He explains why he has launched the service: “When I started Deviant Legal, I did not want to create a conventional law firm which just happens to focus on games. Instead, I want to establish a firm which actively contributes towards making the industry we love a better place.

“One of the ways I try to do that, is to create initiatives making legal accessible for anyone regardless of size, background of budget. The free legal consultations for marginalised identities in games is one of these.

“In the current difficult state of the industry, we hold on to the mantra ‘survive until 25’. In these times of uncertainty, with funding being more difficult to obtain and respectable studios being shut down, I do not want to stand on the sidelines and watch.

“The reason why I prioritise marginalised identities, is that these identities always have had a more difficult position. It is already hard enough for them to survive in regular circumstances, let alone the circumstances the video games industry is currently facing. I believe they require and deserve some extra support going forward.”

Some of the topics Otto can help with include:

  1. Publishing deals & licensing;
  2. Commercial contracts;
  3. IP Protection;
  4. European consumer laws;
  5. European equal treatment laws.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman offered: “This is an incredibly generous gesture from René and we are grateful to him for offering his legal services free of charge to women and marginalised individuals. This initiative embodies what our Women in Games Ambassadors provide – support and generosity throughout our community.”

To find out more about the free legal consultations, click here –