Join us at the Careers, Development & Networking Expo on Thursday March 7th and you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to tackle imposter syndrome.

Helen Bower and Mai West from Pitstop Productions will be presenting a fireside chat on ‘Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Perspectives from Noob to Boss’.

This session offers a profound exploration of the internal challenges many face within the games industry and beyond. Helen and Mai will share their personal battles with imposter syndrome, shedding light on how it manifests differently across individuals. They will discuss the catalysts behind their decision to address this topic publicly and the importance of creating a supportive dialogue around it.

Drawing from their experiences, they will outline practical strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome, emphasising the creation of a safe space, the role of accountability, and the importance of fostering a positive team culture.

Whether you’re just starting out or are well-established in your career, this session promises to offer valuable insights into recognising imposter syndrome and arm you with strategies to combat it, fostering a more confident and empowered professional self.

This session forms part of the speaker programme taking place during the Careers, Development & Networking Expo – which takes place virtually on Thursday March 7th from 7am to 10pm GMT to take in all international time zones.

The event is free to attend, and also features a virtual expo area where you’ll be able to meet with studios and other companies who are hiring. These companies will also be hosting their own content, including talks, presentations and CV/portfolio reviews throughout the day. Our booth holders include Sumo Group, Playground Games, Dovetail Games, TT Games, Behaviour, Keywords Studios, MPG and Redhill Games.

Meanwhile, there will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to meet and network virtually throughout the day, allowing them to make Important connections.

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