A reminder that Haunted House FearFest Film Festival (HHFF) is accepting film and game submissions through its website – and we encourage all developers in our community to get involved!

Launched in 2018, HHFF is a global independent horror film and video game festival showcasing the work of innovative independent filmmakers and game developers – with a special focus on promoting the talents of women and underrepresented groups in the horror genre.

October 2023’s edition of HHFF left audiences spellbound with the Manhattan Premiere of eVil Sublet, starring TV icon Sally Struthers in her first horror feature, as well as Jennifer Leigh Houston and Charley Tucker.

Also at the festival was The Unquiet Dead, directed by John Gray, the mastermind behind the long-running CBS series Ghost Whisperer, which clinched the festival’s highest honor, the Grim Reaper Award.

Notably the event celebrated the exceptional achievements of six female horror filmmakers with Julie Sharbutt (SCAM), Sarah Smick (In Sickness & In Health), Mahee Merica (Ariane’s Baby), Julie Campoverde (The Chuzalongo), Cherelle Higgins (Insect) and Samantha Aldana (Angels), all receiving awards.

Finally, Broken Spectre, a cosmic horror narrative game for hand-tracking VR produced by Mike Monello (The Blair Witch Project) was named Best Video Game of the Year.

2024 game submissions should be in line with HHFF’s festival theme: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Your game should be immersed in a world where darkness reigns supreme and every creak, groan, and whisper sends shivers down your spine.

So, whether you’re a master of atmospheric horror, a virtuoso of jump scares, or a maestro of psychological terror, the Haunted House FearFest Festival invites you to unleash your most terrifying creations upon the world.

If you enter via this page Women in Games members will also be able to make use of a 50% discount code. Click here for more – https://www.hauntedhousefearfest.com/games-page-1