InGAME – Working in time of Covid

Share your stories and exchange ideas in these open but secure discussion groups about working from home (or elsewhere) during Covid.

Did remote working live up to your expectations? How did you, your staff, managers, clients, partners and family adapt? What challenges do you expect going forward? How are you changing your future work or business plans?

Join us to discuss these and other remote-work issues, find willing listeners, share your wisdom and/or worries. InGAME is leading a research programme into games workers’ experiences of work during and after Covid —help us learn the lessons that managers, the industry, and society need to learn from the lockdown work experience.

These casual, drop-in sessions will take place within the secure conference meeting platform. The sessions will be led by Mindy Grewar, InGAME R&D Fellow and researcher into games workers’ experiences of Covid-19, diversity and equality in games companies, and organisation in creative industries.

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