Women in Games Festival – Games Jam

The Women in Games Jam is back for 2021, with Into Games once again hosting the event, with support for all teams provided by the brilliant Into Games Mentors, as well as the Women in Games Ambassadors.

Taking place from September 8th until September 16th, the Women in Games Jam will this year be part of the first Women in Games Global Festival. The Jam will also support Safe Circles https://www.safecircles.coInto Games’ selected charity which creates a safer world for women.

This year’s theme is ‘Atmospheres’. The atmosphere is Earth’s security blanket, it circles the Earth and protects it. Our atmosphere seems tantalizingly close and yet mysteriously distant. The life-sustaining air we breathe envelops our planet clinging to us by the force of gravity. We see birds, planes, an ever-changing patchwork of clouds. Farther out, our Moon glows down and a blazing Sun hangs in the sky. From an Earth-bound perspective, it’s hard to see where our atmosphere ends and space begins.

What if you could help create a sustainable planet and a safer world for women? Create a game or interactive experience that communicates the idea of protective layers. How can games help to address climate and social change? Can video game experiences have an impact on how we behave in our world and how we treat our world? Can we utilise the power of play and provide players with the opportunity to do good within a game – and in the real world? Can we create playful and emotive narratives to provoke action?

Get your creative juices flowing, tell a story or create a puzzle, or both! Be literal or abstract, humorous or dramatic. We want to see the power of your imagination shine through.

Want to get involved? Here’s how it works:-

  1. Sign up on itch.io here – https://itch.io/jam/women-in-games-jam
  2. In this Jam, teams will receive an industry mentor to give them advice and encouragement from the sidelines! Sign up using the Eventbrite link to secure a mentor. If you’ve already got a team, you can sign everybody up in one go!https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-women-in-games-game-jam-2021-tickets-165881059715
  3. Join the Into Games Discord server to link up with your team and your mentor. Each team will have a dedicated space to use however they want during the jam, and it’s a great way to communicate with your industry mentor! https://discord.gg/RKGMGDdKXH
  4. Make your game! The Jam is a week long – and you’ve got until midnight on the 16th of September to submit. All entries will be judged by Into Games and Women in Games.

The winners will be announced during the Women in Games Awards ceremony on Saturday September 18th.

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