One of Women in Games’ 12 priority areas for action is – Challenging Toxicity and Harassment: within the workplace and all gaming spaces. And our Individual Ambassador partner and supporter Keywords Studios is doing some groundbreaking work in this area by teaming up with Modulate, ActiveFence, and Take This to provide Trust & Safety best practices, tools, and research for game studios.

The Gaming Safety Coalition represents a strategic alliance among leading trust and safety organisations dedicated to creating more robust, safer, and more resilient game environments. The Coalition embodies its partners’ shared commitment to improving player and moderator well-being within video game communities.

The Gaming Safety Coalition brings together the expertise of Keywords Studios, Modulate, ActiveFence, and Take This, each contributing specialised knowledge and resources to the collective effort:

  • Keywords Studios is renowned for its expert moderation teams that play a critical role in maintaining positive and healthy video game environments by prioritising players and content moderator wellbeing and resilience.
  • Modulate offers prosocial voice intelligence technology, including the ToxMod proactive voice moderation platform that ensures respectful and inclusive interactions among players.
  • ActiveFence contributes its Trust and Safety suite which combines its content moderation platform, threat intelligence, and automated AI-driven moderation for both text and visual content, to effectively address in-game toxicity, ensuring a safe gaming experience for players.
  • Take This, a non-profit organisation, leverages its research, training, and community support capabilities to address mental health across the entire lifecycle of games, including support for players and moderation teams.

Mike Pappas, Co-Founder and CEO of Modulate, said: “The Coalition’s formation signals a significant advancement in the collaborative efforts to address the challenges facing online gaming communities. Through the integration of technological innovations, expert moderation, and focused research on mental health, the coalition aims to enact meaningful change, promoting a gaming culture that is safe, inclusive, and supportive.”

Sharon Fisher, Global Head of Trust & Safety at Keywords Studios, offered: “The Gaming Safety Coalition is a game-changer that joins together organisations determined to improve safety in gaming communities. By uniting forces in both AI and human intelligence (HI), this coalition is all about giving players and superhero moderators the support they deserve to remain safe from online harm. It’s a big move in the much-needed ‘responsible moderation’ evolution in the gaming world.”

Noam Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO of ActiveFence, stated: “The launch of The Gaming Safety Coalition marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to safeguard the gaming community. By combining our strengths and expertise, we aim to set new standards for safety and wellbeing across the gaming industry, ensuring a more inclusive and respectful environment for all.”

Eve Crevoshay, Executive Director of Take This, added: “We are very pleased to be a part of this effort to advance best practice in game moderation and safety. The coalition is an excellent opportunity to highlight the best of what games can be, and advocate for the safety and well-being of people who make and play games worldwide.”

To download the collaborative whitepaper The Future of Content Moderation in Gaming, please visit: