Mark your calendars and register now to attend the 2024 Global Women in Games 20th Anniversary Conference.

Taking place virtually on Friday October 11th (the Day of the Girl), the one-day event will once again cover three global time zone, beginning at 7am GMT and ending at 9pm GMT. As ever, delegates will be able to catch up on any sessions they’ve missed during the day via a Replay function.

Delegate passes are available now, with a standard ticket costing just £20. Click here to purchase now –

In this 20th year of the Women in Games Conference, our theme will be Play – Grounded: An Exploration of Play Landscapes.

It will focus on the phenomenon of play and play spaces. It will provide a platform for much needed exploration and discussion of play’s trajectory in contemporary life. Where play happens influences what play is and can be.

We are providing an arena for discussion on the functions of play across multiple strands: from concept to publication – the makers and the players – pleasure [of playing] and the pain [of toxic spaces]. And many more intrinsic themes.

No playground is undisputed, and no play space is neutral. The Women in Games Conference will provide an arena for discussion of the features and parameters of this living, evolving, grounded space, looking at the multiple functions of play itself as a means of acting, interacting, competing, creating, sharing, enjoying, educating, learning and innovating.

Given the contemporary context of persistant toxicity, harassment, misogyny and gendered discrimination in what should be playful, safe spaces, our mission to include the widest possible cohort of participants and supporters is more urgent than ever.

Topics for discussion and debate will include:

Creating Play

  • Context: The history of play and the involvement of women game designers in the early days of game development
  • Representation of women as characters and avatars
  • Studio Heads, Directors and Game Designers and their roles
  • The rise of physical games/game societies

Learning through Play

  • The role of games and play in education and curriculum design

Money in Play

  • Lack of investment in women in play

Money in Play

The funding gap, why is there a lack of women led and owned studios? Why do women not receive the same kind of investment and financial backing for creating play? How can these barriers be addressed? What are the success stories?

Play types

  • The play arena: digital play on pc and on mobile,
  • Genre: of games, of audience, of play

Fair Play

  • Play in real life settings and its reception (see chess below); esports
  • Play rights: Freedom to play
  • Sports and play
  • Not playing fair: What is it about Contemporary Play and the Digital Playground that fosters the continued growth of misogyny and toxicity?

Communicating through Play

  • Language and Play – the vernacular of play and public discourse – a race to the bottom?
  • Are there intrinsically sexist components of contemporary play and games?
  • Workshop on inclusive game design?
  • Cultural difference in communication and how play/games can break down those barriers?

Play as Culture

  • The role of museums and exhibitions in bringing games to both a specialist and general public audience
  • Play as theatre: streamers and influencers
  • Allyship – what does allyship mean in the context of play, and how can it contribute to culture change?

Play and Subversion

  • What are the links between online play and extremism?

The conference day will feature panels and speaker sessions, structured using the ‘waterfall’ or vertical approach that has provided so much opportunity for knowledge creation and exchange in past Women in Games conferences. There will also be invaluable opportunities for audience networking through the online platform RingCentral (previously known as Hopin).

If you are interested in being a speaker or panellist, please email our Director of Projects & Publications Sharon Tolaini-Sage, who will be curating the conference via

A number of sponsorship opportunities are available, which will allow studios, esports organisations and others to demonstrate their support of Women in Games and our goals and missions. You can find a full deck here outlining the packages to suit all budgets. You can view the options here.

Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash