Independent horror film and video game festival Haunted House FearFest is inviting women within our community to take part in this year’s event, which takes place on October 24th-26th in person at the Triad Theater, New York, and virtually.

The Festival showcases the work of innovative independent filmmakers and game developers from around the world, with a special focus on promoting the talents of women and underrepresented groups in the horror genre.

It’s headed up by Owner and Executive Director Renee Huff, who explains about taking part in the Festival:

“Welcome to the spine-chilling realm of the Haunted House FearFest Festival, where video gamers unite to showcase their most bone-chilling creations in pursuit of our most coveted Video Game Horror Awards. 

“We are currently accepting game submissions for our 2024 festival that are in line with our festival theme: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Your game should be immersed in a world where darkness reigns supreme and every creak, groan, and whisper sends shivers down your spine. Whether you’re a master of atmospheric horror, a virtuoso of jump scares, or a maestro of psychological terror, the Haunted House FearFest Festival invites you to unleash your most terrifying creations upon the world.”

In order to qualify for the Festival, you must submit your game on the organisation’s Game Jam page – https://haunted-house-fearfest.itch.io – so that the Festival’s video judge, Rafi Alam can play the game.  You must also submit your game to the filmfreeway page here – https://filmfreeway.com/HauntedHouseFearFest – to qualify as an entry into the festival.  You will have to pay a submission fee to qualify. Please use the 25% discount code HHFFGAMEJAM2024 

Once you are on our FilmFreeway page, you will submit under the project type – VR/XR/Immersive.

So, gather your courage, sharpen your wits, and unleash the darkness within. The Haunted House FearFest Festival awaits, daring you to prove: Are You Afraid of the Dark?