Help us to shape the work of Women in Games to support our community everywhere!

If you attended the Women in Games Festival, we hope that the Conference, Games Jam, Esports Tournament and Awards provided you with much information, entertainment and inspiration. We’re delighted that so many of you joined us, and we’re honoured by the hugely positive feedback we’ve received.

But our work to support women in games, gaming and esports extends way beyond an annual Festival and other events. And we are continually looking at how to better shape our activities, guidance and engagement – which is why we are looking to our community to provide us with valuable knowledge and insights.

We are responding to the paucity of data surrounding women working in games and esports by doing the essential work of collecting that data. Your input is vital in providing the insights we need to progress, and we want to incorporate your input. We have put together two important surveys that we are asking you to complete.

The responses you provide will inform the 2nd edition of the Women in Games Guide ‘Building a Fair Playing Field’, to be published in the first quarter of 2022. The guide will be for studios and businesses that wish to improve gender equality in their companies. 

The surveys have been designed to be straightforward and we thank you in advance for sharing the wealth of your knowledge and expertise with us. Below, we have linked to three areas where we need your input, all of which will be used to inform Women in Games’ work going forward. 

The Women in Games Survey is a general set of questions about employment, conditions, and your views:

The Toxicity and Harassment Survey, as the title suggests, has been separated from the general questions, because of the sensitive nature of the subject matter, and we have taken guidance from the organisation Define the Line in designing this survey:

And if you attended the Women in Games Festival events including the Conference, we would also love to have your feedback on the events themselves:

Thank you from all the team at Women in Games for your help and support. The survey is supported by, and in collaboration with, InGame and Abertay University. The published results will be made available in early 2022. 


Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash