Once again, we round up the stories, articles and opinions that have caught the eye of the Women in Games team over the past month…

As we highlight elsewhere, Gender Pay Gap day is coming up on November 22nd in the UK. And we were delighted to see the important work of American economic historian Claudia Goldin being recognised last month. Goldin was presented with the 2023 Nobel Prize for “having advanced our understanding of women’s labour market outcomes”. Article via The New Daily

Again, as discussed elsewhere, the games industry is going through a state of turmoil at present, which will be addressed during our Careers, Development & Networking Expo this month. picks up on the theme in its article, and asks ‘What the hell is going on with video games?’

Still with, the site highlights new data from French trade organisation the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo. Amongst the research, the body reveals that women made up 24% of the French industry, increasing ten points over the past four years. Women also represented 20% of managerial or executive positions in game company management in 2022, nine points higher than in 2020.

Featuring commentary by our CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman, the Financial Times asks ‘How long before gaming sheds its sexist attitudes?’

More positive news comes as Vogue discovers video games and esports, highlighting the women reshaping the industry and wider entertainment sector…

And a woman, Sarah Bond, takes the helm as President of Microsoft’s Xbox division – via Xbox Achievements.

Meanwhile, a new Scottish charity, Showcase The Street, has launched a dedicated Girls in Gaming programme to help overcome the persistent challenges girls face entering the industry. Via TFN

Remote, hybrid and flexible working remain key topics within the workplace. Business Insider highlights that it could provide a win-win for employees and employers – if handled correctly…

… while Fortune suggests that a 4-Day week could help to tackle the gender pay gap.

Also in the wider world of work, Iceland – one of the most progressive countries when it comes to supporting women in the workplace – saw women and non-binary individuals go on strike late last month in protest of gender inequality. The Guardian published a great piece with the columnist María Hjálmtýsdóttir offering: “Some call us ungrateful middle-class feminists – but this is why women went on strike in Iceland. I felt a deep need to join this unbelievable meeting of women and non-binary people. I am worried, I am tired and I am angry…”

And finally, a new report on how often men and women cook in the home has been reported by Women’s Agenda, revealing that – surprise, surprise – women cook twice as frequently as men in every country, except one… Italy. Good work, men of Italy!

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