As ever, a round-up of the news and articles that have caught our eye over the past month…

First up, here’s an opportunity from Tech4Eva – a six-month accelerator programme for companies developing solutions to improve technologies relating to women’s health. Find out more on how to apply here –

It was great to see five women-led games receive an Innovate UK Award, as reported by MCV

… however, the news was tempered by a report, highlighted by, that underscores how little investment goes to women-led studios, compared to funding for studios run by men –

We hear regularly reports of the abuse and harassment of women and girls in online spaces and this article from Unherd – My Torment as a Gamer Girl – is a harrowing first-hand account of one woman’s experiences of playing Red Dead Redemption: “As you go about your business, posses of male characters — almost certainly men, given their gamer tags: fightclub247, meatgrinder2001, bitch_flayer — lurk behind you. They stab you, they shoot you, they bind you in ropes and carry your hogtied, still writhing body on the back of their horse. They dump you in abandoned houses, where they take turns to jump on you — the closest simulation of rape the system will allow. Someone called Messi69 will “emote” by spitting at your body. On the voice chat, or in your message inbox, you will be told they can find you, that they will rape and kill you, that you’re a whore.”You can read the full article here –

An interesting article here from Business Insider which asserts that ‘We’re Doing DEI Wrong’, but suggests how to fix the programmes –

Entrepreneur also offers some advice, particularly in light of the fact that women are more likely to be laid off than promoted – something particularly relevant in the current climate in games. Read the piece here –

A report by the Harvard Business Review discusses how ‘Confidence is Weaponized Against Women’ –

… and apparently even making jokes during presentations is negative for women, but positive for men –

In more positive news, Australia’s Minister for Finance Kirsty Gallagher has just announced the country’s first strategy for gender equality. Read more via Women’s Agenda

And you can celebrate more of the world’s outstanding women via Time Magazine’s Women of the Year 2024 –

And finally, we’re all for companies providing menopause support to its employees, but if we could give them just one piece of advice, it would be: Don’t Do This… UK train company Avanti West Coast provided a ‘demeaning’ gift bag to menopausal staff members recently, with the Guardian reporting: “The pack included a fan for hot sweats, a jelly baby sweet “in case you feel like biting someone’s head off”, a tissue “if you’re feeling a bit emotional” and a paperclip “to help you keep it all together”… plus “chocolate and teabags and a pencil “to write down things you might forget”. When you’ve stopped rolling your eyes, you can read more here –