The news and analysis that’s caught the eye of the Women in Games team over the past month…

Man Vs Bear: In case you’ve missed THIS, a trending TikTok debate has dominated social media over the past couple of weeks. It all started when a popular TikTok account asked seven women whether they’d prefer to encounter a man they don’t know, or a bear, while alone in the forest. Of all of the women, only one chose a man over the bear. And as The Mary Sue points out, it’s triggered some fierce responses from men –

Perhaps those men should spend some time online in gaming spaces, or at least read the results of the latest Bryter research into the area. The Independent covered the report – including commentary by our CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman. You can discover the research and read the experiences of women gamers here –

Speaking of violence against women, following the overturning of Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction, The Guardian asks ‘How Much Did #MeToo Change for Women?’ –

Meanwhile the BBC reports on actress Ashley Judd leading the backlash over the ruling –

The BBC also solemnly points out that Florida’s six-week abortion ban will be felt beyond the State itself as it “[closes] the door – for now – on the last major abortion access point in the US South” –

On a more positive note, International Business Times has a great article on how companies can champion women’s leadership roles in the tech industry –

And Entrepreneur shares that successful women have six distinct personality traits. And, yes, ‘resilience’ is number one –

Meanwhile, more women-led movie inspiration comes following the success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie last year. And it strikes a very different note. There’s Still Tomorrow (C’è Ancora Domani), by 50-year-old actress, writer and singer Paola Cortellesi, is now being released across Europe following huge success in its home country of Italy. This powerful film tells the story of the heroine Delia and the emotional and physical abuse she suffers at the hands of her husband. Find out more here –

In the games industry, ‘breast jiggles’ became the topic of the day, following an ill-advised social media past from indie studio Crytivo about character physics in its Farm Folks sim. It caused a backlash, and then another backlash from the other side when the studio’s CEO Alex Koshelkov apologised… Kotaku has an excellent overview of the unfolding situation, including comments from Koshelkov. It’s well worth a read here –

And finally, eye-roll, face palm, angry face emoji – or all three? As Forbes – amongst many other media outlets – reports on the furore surrounding the launch of the Nike women’s Olympics athletic uniform

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