Women in Games highlights the articles that have caught our eye over the past few weeks…

Working from home is sending some women back to the 1950s, suggests Girlboss

‘My ambitions hadn’t dimmed’. Three women speak to Stylist about returning to work after having their babies

Refinery29 talks to five women working in games as part of its ‘Good Game’ series

DEI is DOA: What’s really failing inside the game industry’s diversity efforts. Game Developer reports on the GDC session presented by Researcher and critic Anita Sarkeesian of the Feminist Frequency video series

Post-#MeToo, Progress for Women in Hollywood Has Stalled. Will It Get Back on Track? Variety asks women leaders what the outlook is for change

Screen Queensland recently interviewed Anna Tito, Technical Lead at Tantalus North, which is part of Keywords Studios

Our Corporate Ambassador Creative Assembly last month opened a new studio in Newcastle, headed up by erstwhile Ubisoft veteran Giselle Stewart, via

Here’s a very interesting article by Stylist which takes a look at ‘Diversity Dishonesty’ – where a company or organisation works hard to look like they are invested in diversity, without making the internal changes to support their diverse employees

Meanwhile, International Business Times highlights that women in the workforce need to show more evidence of skills than men…

… yet Womens Agenda reveals the top three happiest countries in the world – and they’re all led by women

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