A round-up of the articles that have caught our eye over the past month…

A great opinion piece here from Bryant Francis at Game Develop Magazine: ‘Bobby Kotick “broke his silence” but his claims don’t add up’. It looks at a profile by Variety of the Activision Blizzard CEO and asserts that his claims do not match the reports about the company…

Men need to speak up against toxicity targeting women, says Skillful’s Gina Jackson in a piece for about allyship

But when men believe they are allies, women often disagree, argues Women’s Agenda

Korn Ferry reports on the the DE&I ‘Chill’, highlighting that one-fifth of firms still don’t offer diversity, equity, and inclusion programmes, while surveys show support of initiatives has dropped

This appears to be backed up by data from Statistica which shows that we are moving backwards on the road to gender equality

For those who missed it, the recent Summer Game Fest took place… with no women on stage… The Verge, quite rightly, points out that for an industry that struggles with diversity, it’s a failure to not be inclusive of the women who also make games

But in better news, Game Developer reports on how Ubisoft is using a mentorship programme to diversify its development teams

And The Gamer points out that FIFA’s Shapeshifter promo proves that women have a place in Ultimate Team

Meanwhile, ISFE is no more! But we’re delighted to say that our Corporate Ambassador has a new brand as Video Games Europe

And finally, someone needs to point out to CityAM that women play games… and, indeed, make up half of all players globally. We’ll just leave this here

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