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We all know that the problem of harassment, toxicity and abuse towards women and girls playing online continues to persist. And know the respected Kinsey Institute has carried out additional research into how women and girls respond to this issue, revealing that “only 50.5% of women who were targets of sexual harassment during online gaming identified qualifying incidents as such. This figure dropped further to only 42.2% for women who witnessed sexual harassment of other women while gaming”. Read on to find out more here –

Women in Games talks much about the fact that we need more women leaders in games, to make change within the industry and their own organisations, but also to inspire younger women. In the wider tech space, the problem also exists – and CityAM has recently crunched the data from the recent Sunday Times Rich List, asking the question ‘Where are all the UK’s female millionaires?’ Discover the answers here –

But here’s an inspiring and thought-provoking article from Canadian BusinessWhat does it mean to be the first woman in the C-suite? – which showcases six women who tell the stories of what they’ve learnt, and how they’re working to create change. Learn more here –

Meanwhile, Entrepreneur has a first-hand account on why ‘women need each other’s support to reach maximum success’. We couldn’t agree more, and urge you to read on –

More advice here via The Independent, and this time on imposter syndrome from Dorothy Byrne, former head of news and current affairs at Channel 4 and now president of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. She explains the first thing she tells women in the college: “…women tend to wait until they have all the qualifications to apply for a job, and men don’t. What I want you to do is think of Boris Johnson – he had no qualifications at all for a job and he applied and he got it.” Enjoy more of her wisdom here –

And finally, ‘wrong time of the month’? It could actually be the right time of the month, according to the UCL Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH), which found that women’s reaction times, accuracy and attention to detail were heightened while menstruating. The Guardian has the lowdown here –

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