Who said summer is a quiet time?! The past month has been awash with news and opinion – both good and bad – in games and the wider entertainment sector. We’ve pulled together the biggest stories of the past month here for you

Same-sex marriages isn’t legal in Japan, so much kudos to Nintendo for providing benefits to employees in a domestic relationship with a same-sex partner anyway
Game Developer

Can video games boost mental wellbeing for the unemployed? The World Economic Forum reports on some balanced research on this area…

… while the University of Toronto has explored the impact of gaming on wellbeing in LGBTQ+ young people

InnoGames has become the first games company in Germany to publish transparent salary bands – a move that will surely be welcomed by games industry employees in the territory, but maybe not by some of the employers there…

A musician releases a song with abusive lyrics. What happens next? Tracks detailing domestic violence and threats against women are nothing new, but when should a record label look to intervene?, asks VICE

How Electronic Arts Tries to Make Diverse Video Games: WIRED speaks with EA’s director of inclusive design about the business case for diversity, and how it rolled out Battlefield 2042‘s first nonbinary character

Our brilliant Marketing Manager here at Women in Games, and Founder of She Plays Games, Lauren Kaye suggests the Next Five Steps to Evolving Diversity in the UK Games Industry

‘Playing games doesn’t make you mad or bad’: Gaming does no harm to mental health according to recent study by the University of Oxford, reports

For decades, LGBTQ+ characters and stories were almost nonexistent – but now things have improved, and a new generation of queer players are finding themselves (and each other) in video games, according to The Guardian

‘The future of the metaverse is female’, says Royelles CEO and Founder Múkami Kinoti Kimotho, as she tells about the idea and intent behind the educational metaverse app for girls

And finally… No more Mr Nasty Guy? Afer removing transphobic jokes from Grand Theft Auto V and reducing its gender pay gap, Rockstar is rumoured to be including a playable woman protagonist for the first time in GTA VI, says Bloomberg. If true, another major step forward for a company that is admirably looking to clean up its culture and its image.

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