Women in Games Ambassador Jay Shin is currently being featured – deservedly – in the Ensemble Exhibition, a showcase of Black, Asian and under-represented ethnicities working in the UK games industry. “We need to be more positive about the games industry”, she says, and discusses the barriers that need to be brought down to keep attracting future talent.
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The MCV Women in Games Awards took place last month and celebrated many brilliant women from all sectors of the UK games industry celebrated for their achievements. And we were delighted and honoured that our CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award.
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Women hesitate to build networks because they underestimate their ability, according to research by Aalto University School of Business. If any of our community is nervous about networking, please come along to our events which provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe space to make new connections and friends.
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Superbloom, a new game development studio, has announced it has raised $3 million in funding to help build mobile lifestyle games aimed at women.
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How Women Navigate Crunch, Abuse, And Lack Of Opportunities In The Gaming Industry. Four women from Women in Games Ambassador Progamme Partner Keywords Studios discuss their experiences in games development.
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The esports professional gamer muting the haters. Elise Dennis talks about the abuse she’s faced as a woman in esports – and how she tackles it.
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Girls love gaming as much as the boys, begins this article (eye roll emoji). But it does highlight the women behind some of the biggest names in games.
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Will Smith vs Chris Rock shows toxic masculinity always has the last word. “It’s always about the men”
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