Inspiring Inclusion is an essential panel discussion at this week’s Careers, Development & Networking Expo, featuring Ubisoft’s change-makers who are at the forefront of promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in the gaming industry. Their dedication and innovative efforts are geared towards establishing a workspace and gaming community that welcomes and celebrates diversity.

The event takes place virtually on Thursday March 7th and you can register to attend for free here –

The Inspiring Inclusion panel speakers include:

  • Dr. Theoria Cason, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Ubisoft: With over a decade of experience across various sectors, Dr. Cason has made significant strides in fostering an inclusive culture at Ubisoft. Her approach to diversity and inclusion combines strategic planning with a passion for personal and professional growth, making the gaming environment a space where everyone can thrive.
  • Miriam Popescu, Game Designer at Ubisoft Massive: Miriam’s expertise in game design spans across multiple platforms, where her innovative approach has led to the creation of unique gaming experiences. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in her roles, co-leading Women@UbiAnnecy and contributing to the Nova Tech Community, where she plays a pivotal role in supporting young tech talent.
  • Laora Heintz, Online Programmer at Ubisoft: Laora’s work on “Riders Republic” since 2020 showcases her technical skill and dedication to creating engaging gaming experiences. As a co-leader of ERG Women@UbiAnnecy and an active member of the Nova Tech Community, Laora is deeply invested in nurturing an inclusive environment that supports and celebrates diversity within Ubisoft and the broader tech community.
  • Leslie Capillion, Marketing Executive: Leslie’s strategic insight in marketing is focused on breaking new ground with innovative product launches and developing a sustainable brand vision in a competitive market. Her leadership is characterized by creativity, collaboration, and a strong commitment to team development. Leslie’s co-leadership of the Ubisoft Women for Equity ERG underscores her dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion within the company.

This panel promises a deep dive into the speakers’ journeys, exploring their personal motivations, the importance of diversity and inclusion in their roles, and the actionable steps they are taking to drive meaningful change. Attendees will leave with a richer understanding of the impact of inclusion in the gaming industry and the power of collective efforts to create a more welcoming and equitable space for all.

This session forms part of the speaker programme taking place during the Careers, Development & Networking Expo – which takes place virtually on Thursday March 7th from 7am to 10pm GMT to take in all international time zones.

The event is free to attend, and also features a virtual expo area where you’ll be able to meet with studios and other companies who are hiring. These companies will also be hosting their own content, including talks, presentations and CV/portfolio reviews throughout the day. Our booth holders include Sumo Group, Playground Games, Dovetail Games, TT Games, Behaviour, Keywords Studios, MPG and Redhill Games.

Meanwhile, there will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to meet and network virtually throughout the day, allowing them to make Important connections.

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