Since the launch of the Asia Chapter earlier this year, the Women in Games team there has been busy founding the organisation within the region.

A Leadership Team for the Chapter has been established, and we are delighted to introduce the members

Dan Sun leads the Diversity & Inclusion efforts for Riot Games’ Asia region. She was appointed a Women in Games Ambassador in 2019 and won the 2020 Outstanding Ambassador Award for running ‘W Coffee’, an active online community that reaches 120+ women in games from major games studios in Asia. In 2022, she set out to establish the first international Chapter for Women in Games, joining hands with other regional leaders and volunteers. She is deeply inspired by the strong female game characters like Illaoi (top laner in League of Legends), Aloy (Horizon Series), and Ciri (The Witcher 3). She commits to improving the gender balance and accessibility of the game industry.

Kah Hui Teo is the Global Localisation Manager at Keywords Studios. She currently serves as a council member of Keywords Studios Global Diversity and Inclusivity Council. Kah Hui was appointed a Women in Games Ambassador in 2020. Along with other Ambassadors, she brings together women in the games industry across APAC, to engage in discussions on a range of topics from women empowerment, learning and development, mentorship to gender inclusivity. In 2022, she became the Co-Director of the newly established Women in Games Asia. As well as serving as the Mentorship and Education Manager of Women in Localization Singapore Chapter, she was appointed to the Singapore National Translation Committee Chinese Resource Panel in March 2022 for a two-year term. In June 2022, Kah Hui was elected to the Executive Committee of the Singapore Games Association.

Aisyah Ambok is a Project Manager at PlayStation Studios Malaysia, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aisyah previously worked in broadcast media for six years, but a passion for video games and interactive storytelling spurred her to take a leap of faith in 2018, and pursue a career in the games industry.

Chantal-Denise Ortega is currently doing consultancy for business development and partnerships in the area of gaming and esports. In 2019, she helped establish FIGHT Esports in Southeast Asia – running esports tournaments in the region both offline and online, and establishing partnerships with games publishers and online platforms. Chantal joined W Coffee in 2020, and was appointed as a Women in Games Ambassador in 2021.

Fida Zourob is the Head of Community at Show. Her passion is to build gaming communities from the ground up. Fida was appointed a Women in Games Ambassador in 2020 and she aspires to empower more women into the Technology/Games industry. She serves as Mentor to the next generation of female leaders at the Female Factor. Fida previously managed and led the professional Discord community team at Women in Games, and in the past has founded her own gaming community while acting as the branch manager for She Codes at Microsoft in Israel.

Xinmiao Zhang is currently managing overseas game pipelines and projects at Tencent, based in Shanghai. She is devoted to promoting women’s leadership at companies and in society. Having studied in China, the US, and Italy, Xinmiao developed a strong interest in exploring the impact of cultures on different social groups, and has contributed to helping more women establish global minds. Elsewhere, she also has experience in luxury fashion and management consulting.

Zoe Cheung is currently Egame Publishing intern for Riot Games China, based in Hong Kong. Zoe developed her interest in gaming at a young age through various kinds of games. She is especially passionate about LoL Esports and would like to pursue a future career in the related fields. She also has experience in the sports marketing and beauty industries.

Sonia Ashraf is a Producer at Frag Games and entered the field after a lucrative career in journalism. With a background in theatre, she has always been passionate about the arts and hopes to grow, personally, as a storyteller. At Frag Games, her body of work includes working with teams that collaborated on ‘Train Simulator 2’ and ‘Doctors & Nurses’. Aside from her professional achievements, Sonia is dedicated to women’s empowerment, whether it’s through her writing or social media advocacy. She values female friendships, diversity and accessibility.

Lindth Chua is the Founder and CEO of Aureole Esports, an all-female Valorant esports organisation based in the Philippines. With a goal of breaking down walls, stereotypes and boundaries for female gamers, Lindth aims to build and provide a safe community for the competitive female players who wish to start a career in esports. Her passion and journey for games started way back 2017 and she has been actively playing competitively and managing teams since.

Janni Jensen is currently with the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, Regional Office in Thailand. Janni was appointed a Women in Games Ambassador in 2021 with the goal of empowering women and girls in esports. She is committed to exploring more opportunities for competitive female athletes to compete at the highest level of esports competition in a safe and inclusive environment. Having spent over 10 years within the sporting industry across Europe, Oceania and now Asia, Janni’s drive is to see more medal and trophy opportunities available to female althletes. She has spent time in the Danish military, is an avid gamer who enjoys playing rugby in her spare time.

Women in Games welcomes all of the Asia Chapter Leadership Team and we look forward to working with you and seeing your future initiatives!