Great conversations are often where the magic happens in business and in life. But consistently sub-par ones can lead to misunderstandings, career stagnation, and conflict.

The Better Conversations course was born in a tech company where the frustrated founder just couldn’t seem to get teams to talk to each other effectively, which led to arguments, delays, screw ups, and even talented people leaving. The company had tried every “out of the box” communications training product on the market and nothing worked. So, with the help of some interesting folks found along the way, they built their own. When it worked, they decided to give it away to the world, via a non-profit organisation, The Better Conversations Foundation – https://betterconversations.foundation/index.html

We’re delighted to say that the Better Conversations Foundation is supporting the Women In Games community by inviting all to take part in the course, completely free of charge. It’s delivered live online by professional and experienced facilitators, it’s very interactive (expect lots of practice and discussion in breakout rooms) and you can pick and choose the best times and days for you to attend each of the five one-hour modules.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “We know that women often find ‘speaking up’ a challenge, particularly during difficult discussions. So we’re very grateful to the Better Conversations Foundation for offering our community the opportunity to take part in one of its courses – allowing women to connect better with those in both their professional and personal lives.”

Register for the free course here – https://bettercourses.org/friends/g/WIG