Here’s another thought-provoking panel session you can discover at the upcoming Careers, Development & Networking Expo – Innovation and Impact: Making Change Count.

The event takes place virtually on Thursday March 7th and you can register to attend for free here –

Join this compelling panel discussion with leaders from Sumo Group, Unity, and Redhill Games, as they unfold the critical importance of fostering change in the gaming industry, particularly in enhancing inclusivity and representation for women.

Speakers include:

  • Jenny Muhlwa, L&D Partner Consultant, Sumo Group: Jenny spearheads Learning and Development, channeling her expertise into pioneering award-winning initiatives that not only foster growth but also empower women within the gaming sector. Her personal commitment to making a change is rooted in her desire to create an environment where women feel confident and valued, leveraging innovative learning solutions to support this vision.
  • Karen Standard, Studio Engagement Manager, Sumo Nottingham: As the Studio Engagement Manager, Karen plays a key role in cultivating a studio culture that celebrates diversity and encourages creativity. She shares personal anecdotes of navigating the gaming industry and implementing policies that ensure an inclusive and supportive workspace, promoting play and learning as core aspects of studio life.
  • Ana de Oliveira Ramos, Software Engineer, Unity: Ana contributes to creating safer gaming environments through her work on Safe Voice, a testament to her dedication to combating online toxicity. Her motivation stems from a personal belief in the power of technology to foster inclusive spaces, reflecting on how her initiatives are shaping a more welcoming gaming landscape for women.
  • Katya Dolgova, COO & Co-Founder, Redhill Games: With extensive HR and Business expertise, Katya is deeply involved in organizational transformation, focusing on leadership development and employee engagement that underpin a culture of inclusivity. She discusses her proactive approach to addressing industry issues, particularly in championing gender diversity and creating a space where women in gaming can thrive.

The discussion will not only highlight why making a change in the industry is vital but also explore the multifaceted nature of play and its significance in fostering a sense of belonging. Through personal stories and professional strategies, the panellists will illuminate their contributions towards changing the landscape for women in games—be it through gameplay, learning methodologies, cultural practices, or linguistic inclusion.

This session forms part of the speaker programme taking place during the Careers, Development & Networking Expo – which takes place virtually on Thursday March 7th from 7am to 10pm GMT to take in all international time zones.

The event is free to attend, and also features a virtual expo area where you’ll be able to meet with studios and other companies who are hiring. These companies will also be hosting their own content, including talks, presentations and CV/portfolio reviews throughout the day. Our booth holders include Sumo Group, Playground Games, Dovetail Games, TT Games, Behaviour, Keywords Studios, MPG and Redhill Games.

Meanwhile, there will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to meet and network virtually throughout the day, allowing them to make Important connections.

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