As we look to forge closer ties with the highly-respected Geena Davis Institute, we’re delighted to report that our CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman has been appointed to the organisation’s Advisory Council.

The Geena Davis Institute was founded in 2004 by two-time Academy Award winning actor Geena Davis who starred in two culturally important movies – Thelma & Louise and A League of Their Own – as well as many other roles. The research-based organisation provides guidance and thought-leadership aimed at increasing representation of women and other under-represented groups and has a powerful strapline of ‘If she can see it, she can be it’.

The Institute’s CEO Madeline de Nonno hosted a keynote session at the Women in Games Global Annual Conference late last year, presenting its latest research into representation in games. You can read more about it here –

Geena Davis Institute will be taking this work in games forward in 2024, working with an Advisory Council – of which Marie-Claire Isaaman is now a member.

Marie-Claire said: “The work of the Geena Davis Institute is highly respected in entertainment and media industries around the world – and for good reason. I am honoured to be a member of the Advisory Council and, as an organisation, we are looking forward to further collaboration with Madeline and the team to make games a better place for women and girls.”

You can find out more about the Geena Davis Institute here –