As ever, it’s been a busy time for our brilliant Women in Games Asia Chapter. Here, the team shares some highlights of the great work it is doing in the region…

Launch of the Women in Games Asia Mentorship Programme
WIG Asia Chapter announced its Mentorship Programme at the Careers, Development & Networking Expo durig our panel session ‘Mentorship and its Real World Value’. The panel was hosted by WIGA Leadership team members Aisyah Ambok, and supported by Luna Javier and Kah Hui Teo. Aisyah introduced the Mentorship Programme, its intended structure, and also highlighted the benefits of a mentorship programme for both mentors and mentees in the current industry climate.

While the exact launch date of the programme is yet to be determined, WIG Asia is aiming for a Q4 launch and a three-month long programme, to better help women and other marginalised peoples gain better skills, networking opportunities, and chances for growth while navigating their careers within the industry.

Nissie Arcega, WIG Ambasador, from Indie Games Group (IGG) Philippines will be supporting the programme with her expertise and network by reaching out to games communities throughout the South East Asia region.

Stay tuned for updates on our Mentorship Program by following the Women in Games Asia LinkedIn page.

First-Ever Women in Games Asia IWD Event in China
In collaboration with our partners in China, Women in Games Asia has organised the first ever International Women’s Day Event in China today (March 8th). The programme was fully in Chinese to remove the language barrier and allow women working in the China games industry to engage in conversations and participate in the panel discussions.

The theme of this year’s IWD event is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’. Through the two panel discussions, our hope was to establish greater awareness and understanding on diversity, equity and inclusion in the China games industry.

Women in Games Asia at International Women’s Day 2024 Event in Singapore
Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Bold Narratives
serves as an empowering theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 event. This event seeks to recognise and showcase the strength, resilience, and innovative spirit of women who are boldly leading the way in shaping a world where every voice is valued and every journey is celebrated.

Dan Sun, WIG Ambassador and founding Co-Director of WIGA, represented WIGA on the panel ‘Game Changers: Female Narratives in the Gaming World’. The panel shared stories of women who are breaking barriers and reshaping the gaming landscape, including competitive gaming. Their experiences and triumphs serve not only to inspire other women to join the games industry, but also to embrace and champion bold narratives that exemplify the power of women and what they can achieve when given the opportunities and environment to thrive.

First-Ever Women in Games Asia Ambassadors Meet-Up for Thai Ambassadors
In a significant step towards promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in Thailand’s rapidly growing gaming industry, the first-ever Women in Games Ambassadors Meet-Up for Thai Ambassadors took place in January. The event brought together three passionate individuals: Luxsanapohn Kitichantra, Wanwisa Boonchub, and Janni Jensen, all dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering growth in the world of gaming.

Thailand’s gaming sector has been steadily expanding, with more opportunities than ever for both local and international talent. However, like in many other industries, gender disparities persist. The Women in Games Ambassadors initiative aims to address these disparities by providing support, networking opportunities, and resources for women in the gaming community.

During the meet-up, Luxsanapohn Kitichantra, Wanwisa Boonchub, and Janni Jensen engaged in vibrant discussions about the challenges and opportunities women face in Thailand’s gaming landscape. The trio shared their personal experiences, highlighting the need for greater representation and support for women in the industry. They also discussed strategies to bridge the gaps, promote diversity, and create a more inclusive gaming ecosystem.

One notable initiative that emerged from the meet-up is the adoption of the Women in Games Asia Chapter’s W Coffee model. This online platform hosts regular-themed talks and discussions, fostering a sense of community and enabling knowledge sharing among professionals in the gaming industry. By participating in these discussions, the Women in Games Ambassadors in Thailand hope to create a supportive and empowering environment for women in gaming, encouraging them to pursue their passions and careers without hesitation.

In the coming months, we can expect more impactful initiatives and collaborations from our Women in Games Ambassadors in Thailand. Stay tuned!