We are very proud of the impactful work our Women in Games Asia team are doing in their region to support their communities and engage with industry. 

International Women’s Day Event in China
On March 8th, to commemorate International Women’s Day in China, Women in Games Asia partnered with companies in China to host the first ever all-in-Chinese online forum, with guest speakers from game and tech companies in the country.

The overarching theme was ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’, the forum consisted of two panels – ‘Sharing of DEI Best Practices’ and ‘My Career Journey’. This 90-minute forum was enjoyed by more than 130 attendees.

In the first panel, Poppy Pan, Early Career Talent Attraction Partner, DE&I GC Team from SAP; Lily Tian, Community Management Lead from Keywords Studios; and Kah Hui Teo, Director of Women in Games Asia Chapter, shared DEI best practices from other regions and inclusive hiring policies implemented in companies to push for gender equality, starting from recruitment.

In the second panel, we were joined by Zixuan Tian, Employee Relationship Specialist; Carrie Li, Group Senior HR Specialist from Virtuos; Bessie Li, Audio Localization Project Manager from Keywords Studios; and Dan Sun, founding Co-Director of Women in Games Asia Chapter, who shared their career journeys and the challenges they faced at different stages of their careers. They advocated for a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment for women to pursue their aspirations freely and to the fullest.

WIGA Leadership Team are Mentors in Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator
Luna Javier and Sonia Ashraf of the Women in Games Asia Leadership Team
are mentors in Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator class of 2024. The 10-week accelerator programme, which runs from April to June 2024, is designed to help high potential indie game studios build and grow into successful games companies.

Luna and Sonia join a group of industry experts to cover a variety of topics, which includes technical development, game design, gameplay, user acquisition, user retention, monetisation, and team leadership.