Once again, our brilliant team at the Women in Games Asia Chapter have been busy organising events and initiatives in the region…

Women in Games Asia Chapter partnered with Respawn Entertainment for a discussion on the ‘Global View of Asian Women in Games’
Women in Games Asia Chapter partnered with Respawn Entertainment for a roundtable discussion on the ‘Global View of Asian Women in Games’. Luna Javier, Design Director of Altitude Games, Riris Marpaung, CEO of GameChanger Studio, and Suan Goh, Co-founder of CtrlD Studio, shared about their cultural identities, the challenges they face being Asian women in games, and how they imagine games could be made with a global perspective. The roundtable discussion was moderated by Karen Lee, Senior Manager of Global Core Community, and is part of a series of events organized by Respawn Entertainment to celebrate the Asian, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (ANHPI) month.

Women in Games Asia Mentorship Programme – Announcing the Mentors!
We’ve had a highly successful recruitment drive for mentors with plenty of amazing applicants covering interests, skills and experiences from a variety of backgrounds. After much deliberation and discussion, we’re happy to share our 10 chosen mentors for this pilot mentorship program. Applications for mentees will be opening soon!

The Women in Games Asia Mentors are:

  • Mira Wardhaningsih, Narrative Director, Storytale
  • Roosa Jokiaho, Cinematic Artist
  • Amos Yeo, Senior Global PR Manager, Hoyoverse
  • Brian Kwek, Founder, YSBRYD Games
  • Hanh Vu, CEO, Gamegeek
  • Sarasa Saiki, Senior PR Manager, Level Infinite/Tencent Games
  • Deanne Dalisay, Founder, Santelmo Studios
  • Iris Lim, Game Producer, Plato
  • Sabine Ong, Development Producer, Metronomik
  • Sarah Johana, Head of Marketing, Toge Productions

Women in Games Asia Chapter – Meet-Up in Tokyo, Japan
Members of the Women in Games Asia Chapter had their second meet-up in Tokyo, Japan. Hosted once again in the inclusive space of Ashiyu cafe & bar Donyoku, we welcomed 13 fantastic women from all across the games industry. The meet-up was both insightful and heartwarming as we were able to openly discuss topics such as the gender pay gap, challenges faced by working mothers and how we can continue to foster a bilingual, safe space for minorities in the Japanese video game industry. We are now planning our July meet-up, taking place at BitSummit in Kyoto.