The latest games trends have been revealed, and according to data specialist Newzoo, our favourite pastime is more popular than ever.

Here’s a quick breakdown of their findings:

Gaming is mainstream: 80% of consumers play video games, and a whopping 85% engage with games in some way, including watching esports or participating in online communities.

Console and PC gamers spend big: over 20% of console gamers and 15% of PC players spend at least $25 a month on games and in-game purchases.

Gamers crave new experiences: worldwide, 31% of PC and console gamers actively seek out new and trending games. This trend is even stronger in countries like China, Saudi Arabia and India, where over 35% of players look for the latest titles.

These insights highlight the growing importance of understanding player motivations. By knowing why gamers play and spend money, industry leaders can create targeted strategies to reach these valuable audiences.

The full report offers a deeper dive into these trends, including regional breakdowns and demographic information.

“Gaming continues to be a vital pillar of the media and entertainment landscape,” said Mary Brune, Head of Consumer Insights at Newzoo. “Our Global Gamer Study provides the most complete map of the gaming landscape, helping stakeholders identify, understand, and reach the right audiences with precision.”

You can access the free report “How consumers engage with games today” here –

Photo by Nicolas Gras on Unsplash