Bryter X Women in Games

Since 2018, Women in Games has been working with Bryter to help understand and highlight the particular issues female gamers face. Bryter is an independent market research agency, which specialises in gaming research, working with a variety of developers, publishers and brands across the sector. Through Bryter’s annual Female Gamers Survey, Bryter & Women in Games work together to try and educate about toxicity and harassment in gaming and the games industry, particularly towards females, with the aim to help make gaming a safer space for all.

We are now entering the fourth year of data sets, so we have longitudinal information, and one thing is clear: the evidence of abuse and disrimination against females in online gaming is overwhelming. In 2020 Bryter surveyed 2,000 gamers across the UK and US respondents were male and female, aged 16 + and played video games on a PC or Console at least monthly. Half of all gamers regularly watch other gamers online, of which 1 in 3 feel there is a lot of toxicity in this space.

58% of females surveyed had experienced abuse from other gamers with 66% experiencing this abuse when playing online – Females were more likely to experience sexually inappropriate behaviour and being excluded from games - Females are significantly more likely to feel upset and intimidated by abuse and 1 in 4 say it makes them not want to play again. You can find the short version of the Bryter Female Gamers Survey 2020 in our resource section.

If you would like to know more about the work Women in Games and Bryter are currently working towards, on a range of research projects, or if you are interested in supporting this research then get in touch