We have an exciting new venture with Staffordshire University Games Institute, one of our Education Ambassadors, lined up to launch next month – the Game Changers Podcast.

Each month the host Sharon Coleclough – the University’s Senior Lecturer in Technical Game Design – will speak with a variety of people from the games industry and education, who are making, studying, researching and playing the games which entertain so many people worldwide. The focus will be on discussing the challenges and opportunities that the games sector provides for women and under-represented communities.

She said: “But we won’t stop there, we will be interviewing the Game Changers, those who have helped to shape and define the game sector, we’ll be delving into the history of game, exploring the evolution of some of our favourite games, and considering how women and under-represented communities have helped shape those experiences.  

“We’ll discuss some of the bigger industry questions and get insights into the sector from those working in it and just starting their game journey. 

“Creating this resource is important and it is hoped it will offer accessible insight into the games and E-Sports industry for many people.  

“Who would you like to hear from and what would you like to hear about? All suggestions are welcome, as are connections to potential contributors and offers to be interviewed.”

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman added: “We are grateful to Sharon for launching this initiative with us, and for her goal of shining the spotlight on the true Game Changers in the industry. We look forward to seeing where this exciting collaboration takes us!”

You can contact Sharon Coleclough about the podcast via