Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Aastha Nangia, She/Her, Marketing Executive,Futurum Asia, Hong Kong, @CrackShotPlays

Adela Kapuścińska, she/her, Game Designer,Turn Me Up Games, Warsaw, Poland, @a_kapx

Alexandra (Alex) Pearson, She/Her, Community Marketing Manager,Primal Game Studio, Budapest, Hungary, @alexappears

Alicia Dorsey, she, Family/Community Advocate,Grassroots, Mena, Arkansas/Philadelphia, Pa. USA, @RedHenExplore

Alina Goetz, she/her, Junior Level Designer,Forgotten Empires (Keywords Studios), Vancouver, Canada, N/A

Amber O’Neill, She / Her, Special Projects Manager, Weird City Game, Menomonie, WI, USA, N/A

Amel Negra, She/Her, Software Engineer,Unity Technologies, Paris, France, @Amel_negra

Amylee Boland, She/Her, Senior Business Development Manager, IN4 Talent, Manchester

Anastasia Sharples, She/Her, Lead Recruiter, Playgroung Games, Leamington Spa, UK

Andi Louw, She/Her, Talent Acquisition, Drake International, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, N/A

Angie Dlugopolska, she/her, Head of Customer Success, PlaytestCloud, Berlin, Germany

Aniek Stavast, She / Her, Global Marketing Manager – Components, Cooler Master, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Anita McIntyre, She Her, People and Talent Manager , Airship Interactive, Burton-on-Trent, UK

Anjuli Smith, she/her, Marketing Consultant, Mythic Marketing, Nottingham, UK, @mythic_marketin

Anna Merchant, she/her, Game Writer and DEI Advocate, Socialpoint Games, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Anna Serafin, She/Her, Graphic Designer / UX, UI, N/A, Helsinki, Finland

Anna Cowden, she/her, Producer,CCP Games, Reykjavík, Iceland, @annagudbjorg

Anne Lise Waal, She / her, COO & Co-founder, Aiba, Oslo, Norway

Arul Lavers, She/her, Senior Brand Manager EMEA, Balang Risk, South Africa

Aurelie Msiza, She/Her, Webmaster,Orato World Media, Tennessee, USA, @aureliemsiza

Ayça Kineş, She/Her/Hers, Marketing Manager, 23 Studios, Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey, @Icharil06

Ayşegül Özdoğan, She, Marketing and Social Media Manager, Project:Flying Cat, Turkey

Baylee Garland, She/her, Senior Manager, Volunteer Experience, Peer Health Exchange, Los Angeles, California, USA

Berke ANDIC, He, Esports Project Manager, BTA ESPORTS, Istanbul, @berketumayandic

Betül Gül, She/Her, Account Management Lead, EMEA, Anzu.io, İstanbul, Türkiye

Bryn Summers, She/Her/They/Them, 3D Artist, Vertex Simulations, Denver, Colorado, USA, @Sremmus_Nyrb

Büşra Bengi, She/Her, Project & Relationship Associate: Future Development, The Multiplayer Group, Ankara/Turkey

Cemre Tepecik, She / Her, Brand Partnerships Manager, TikTok, Berlin, Germany

Charlotte Callaghan, she/her, EMEA D&I Advisor – Partnerships & Products, Riot Games, Dublin, Ireland

Cherry Gutierrez-Boase, She/Her, CEO &Co-Founder,Buko Studios, Manila, Philippines, @ChBoase

Constanza König, She / her, Game designer/ 2D artist, Freelancer, Santiago, Chile, @_Nezuzu

Daisy Rincon, She/her, UI/UX Designer, PlanMember Financial Corporation, Riverside County, USA

Daniela Dias, she/her, Product Owner, SAP, Vancouver, Canada

Daria Leżucha, She/Her, 3D Vegetation Artist, Studio Gimbal, Dublin, Ireland

Daria Rudenko, she/her, Business Development Manager, RetroStyle Games, Kyiv, Ukraine

Diana Bissembayeva, she/her, HR Business Partner, Wargaming, Prague, Czech Republic, @HR43263730

Donna Cunningham, She/her, Senior Recruiter, TLM Partners, Manchester, UK, @Dcunningham1111

Elena Bellino, She/her, LQA Tester, Keywords Studios, Montreal, Canada

Eleonora Arganese, She, Game Programmer, Supernova Games Studios, Milan, IT

Elisabeth Sivertsen, She/her, Content creator & Accessibility advocate,Independent, Bergen, Norway, @arevya

Ella-May Wallace, She/Her, Associate Lecture of Game Design and Development, Gloucestershire College, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK, @tinyblades

Eloise Nuttall, She/Her, CQA Compliance Tester, PlayStation, Liverpool, uk, N/A

Emily Brown, She/her, 3D Vehicle Artist, Rivet Games, Middlesbrough, UK, @emiplayz

Emily Scahill, She/her, Games and Interactive Recruitment Consultant, Skillsearch Limited, Brighton, UK, @EmsSkillsearch

Emily Tofanelli, she/her, Business Operations Manager,Gearbox Publishing, Portland, Oregon, USA

Emily Kaplan, She/Her, Account Lead,Yahoo, New York, NY, USA

Emma Osterbery, Ms, Beneficiaries Manager, Gratitude, Sunbury on Thames, UK, gratitude@gratitudeglobaI

Erin Rice, She/Her, Graduate Assistant, Shawnee State University, Kentucky, USA, @ErinRice123

Eszter Matrai, She, HR Generalist, Xreal Games, Budapest, Hungary

Ewa Maria Szczepanowska, She, Deputy Rector for Comunication & New Media, Warsaw Film School, Warsaw

Francesca Palermo, She/Her, Research Associate, Imperial College London, London, UK, @FraPal91

Freya Green, she/they, Account Executive, Generation Media, Letchworth Garden City, UK, @frgreen02

Gee Sharma, She/They, Associate Designer, Blackbird Interactive, Vancouver, CA, USA, @missmicrorebel

Gemma Witchalls, She / Her, Editor, Steel Media Ltd, Falmouth, UK, @gemancipation

Georgeth Lyver, she/her, UX Design Intern, Epic Games, New York, USA, @georgeth_lyver

Georgia Samaritaki, She/Her, Software Engineer, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ghada Almoqbel, She/her, CEO,GCON, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, @GSMoqbel

Hannah Blair, she/her, Content Creator, Twitch, USA, @noncorde_

Hannah Park, She/Her, Senior QA Tester, Hyper Luminal Games, Dundee, Scotland, UK, @Hai_Hannah

Hannah Wrigley, She/Her, Senior QA Technician, Climax Studios, Portsmouth, UK

Havva Nur Solhan, she/her, Co-founder/CEO, Happy Crab Game Studio, İstanbul, Turkey

Heather Jackson, she/her, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon Games, Seattle, WA, USA, @hjack_

Heather Taylor, she/her, Software Engineer II, PlaySide Studios, Melbourne, Australia, @nkstainedhan

Helen Bower, she/her, Head of Voiceover, PitStop Productions, Yorkshire, UK

Hendrikje Wagner, she/her, Founder & COO, HypeRate.io, Munich, Germany, @muermuer

Hila Chechik, She, Senior Publishing Manager, Crazylabs, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hope Baquedano, Any/All, Senior Community Manager, HoYoverse, Orange, CA, USA, @BeeAPeach

Huiwen Zhao, She/her, Senior Lecturer in Games Design, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

Ima Somers, She/Her, Director Player Experience, One More Game, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Isabelle Carroillon de Villecourt, She/Her, People & Culture Adviser, PlaySide Studios, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, @isabelledeville

Isha Sehgal, She/her/hers, Finance Administrator, PlaySide Studios, Melbourne, Australia, @ishasehgal101

Ivana Murianni, She/her, Scriptwriter | Narrative Designer | Journalist,Freelance, Milan, Italy, @_Ivanez_

Janina Teplitskij, she/her, HR Business Partner, Popcore, Berlin, Germany

Jasmin Sangha, She/her, Partnerships Director – Gaming, Allied Global Marketing, London, UK

Jenny Österlund, She/her, CEO / FFounder, Game Boost Sweden AB, Umeå, Sweden

Jessica Cronin, She/Her, User Interface Designer, Freelance/Contract, Wilmington, VT, USA

Jinghan Yu, Jinghan, Development Director, Build A Rocket Boy, Kenilworth, UK, N/A

Jodenia Chan, She/Her/Hers, Senior PR & Communications Manager, Virtuos, Singapore

Jodie Grayer, She, Creative Producer, Elephant Music, London, UK

Josh Warren, He/They, Junior Release Associate, Double Eleven, Middlesbrough, UK, @joshwarren987

Julia Bambach, She/Her, Associate Producer, Nintendo of Europe, Frankfurt, Germany, @jfbbambach

Julia Haidn, she/her, Machine Learning Engineer, CCP Games, Reykjavik, Iceland

Julia Hu, she/her, Senior Associate,McKinsey, New York, NY, USA

Julia Zolotarenko, she / her, CEO,HitBerry Games, Portugal, Porto

Justyna Fryczak, She/her, Game/UX Designer,Secret Hut, Umeå, Sweden, @ja_steyne

Kari Vinther, Miss, Head of Metaverse Experiences ,Lego group , Denmark, @vintherkari

Kate Rinnan, She/Her/Hers, Creative Recruiter II,Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Katey Anthony, she/her/hers, Senior Test Lead, Bungie, Apex, North Carolina, USA

Katherine Ladd-Smith, she/her, Insurance Producer,State Farm, Birmingham, Alabama, USA, @kattburglar

Katherine Mould, She/her, Senior talent acquisition,Keywords Studios , Canada , @celticnight1122

Katie Morris, she/her, Art Manager,Tt-Games, Knutsford, UK

Katy Wood, She/Her, Senior 3D Artist, Hyper Luminal Games, Dundee, Scotland, UK, @katyjwood

Kayla Reyes, She/Her, STEM Instructor/Indie Game Developer/Artist,Code Advantage LLC/Kreating Games Studio/kervart.co, New York, USA, @kervdotco

Kelly Chiew, Her/She, Head of Public Relations, MOONTON Games, Singapore

Kelly Owen, Her/she, Senior Talent Partner, The multiplayer group, Swansea, UK

Kelsey-mae Wallis, She/Her, Art/Game Lead, Playside Studios, Australia, Victoria, @Munchbott

Kirsty Kirby, She/Her, Studio Operations & Engagement Manager, Lab42 Games, Leamington Spa, UK

Laura Gomersall, She/Her, Talent Partner, The Multiplayer Group, UK

Laura Maza Bakovic, She Her, QA Engineer specialized in videogames, Freelancing, Brownsville, TX, USA

Lauren Davidson, She/Her, Producer, Rebellion, Dundee, Scotland, UK, @Laurensdavidson

Lea Belejová, she/her, Event Manager, Game Dev Area, Brno, Czech Republic, @lea_be_tweety

Lee Conley, He/Him, Head Hunter and Author, Write Finder Headhunting Ltd, Lincoln, UK, @LongswordLee

Lin Gharibo, She/Her, Studio Recruiter, Studiotypes, Warsaw, Poland

Lizzie Mintus, She/Her, Founder and CEO, Here’s Waldo Recruiting, Seattle, Washington, USA

Lucia La Rezza, She/Her, Violinist, Composer, Marketing, Freelance, London, UK, @lu_la_re

Maria Giulia Tolotti, She/her, Social Media Manager EMEA, KRAFTON , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, @MGiu_21

Maria Julieta Lombardelli, She, Professor and multimedia artist, yelomba and Sheroes in games, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, @yelomba

Maria Rita Labrocca, She/Her, Social Media & Esports Specialist,Udinese Calcio, Udine, Italy

Marta Durand, she/her, Game Designer, INTERIOR/NIGHT, Lisbon, Portugal, @pataniskers

Megan Belle Maun, she/her/hers, Game Developer Associate, CORSAIR Gaming, Inc., Delano, CA, USA

Melisa Ilari, She/Her, Business Development Manager, Terra Localizations, London, UK

Michelle Huang, She/her, N/A,N/A, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Morgan Kirkpatrick, She/her, Senior Test Analyst I, Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine, USA, @Artemishowl_

Nabila Rahmaikbar Hanifah, She/Her, Content/Narrative Designer, Niji Game Studio, Bandung, Indonesia

Natalia Pych, She/Her, Producer, Games Operators, Warsaw, Poland

Natassha Roberts, she/her, Producer, PlaySide Studios, Melbourne, Australia

Nattha Kunruchatapairoj, She/Her, Producer, DECA Games, Bangkok, Thailand

Nicola Mizon, She / Her, Director of Product / Co-Founder,Vizta DGTL, Berlin, Germany

Nikita Molin-Thogersen, She/her, Full time student, Uppsala University, Visby, Sweden

Nikki Pichurko, She/her, Unemployed, Unemployed, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Noor Amin, she/her, Incoming Game Designer,Riot Games, Chicago, IL, USA, @noor_j_amin

Patrick Ryan, He/ Him/ His, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Riot Games, Dublin, Ireland, @PRYAN_RiotGames

Patriz Manalo, she/her, VFX Producer, Infinity Ward, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Paula Fenjima Avila Manrique, She, Gaming expert, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Sweden, Stockholm, @fenjima

Payal Shah, She/Her, Senior Player Researcher, CCP Games, Reykjavik, Iceland

Peri Lewis, She/her, CEO, Mastered, London, UK, N/A

Raizel Sakaki, She, her, hers, Group Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager, Virtuos, Singapore

Ramona Vladut, She, Office Administrator, Templar EIS Ltd, Horsham, West Sussex, England, UK

Rebecca Warner-Perry, she/her, Head of Production, GLITCHERS, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Rebecca Webster, She/Her, CRM and Community Manager, Green Man Gaming, Hampshire, UK

Regina Starek, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Specialist, REALTIME, Sheffield, UK

Reysi Sagyag, She, her, hers, Ad Operations Manager, Adverty, Istanbul, Turkey

Robyn Pacetti, She/Her, VP Publishing, Wooga GmbH, Berlin Germany

Sadie Jarvis, She/her, Marketing and Community Director, Gerdoo Games, Devon, UK, @Jarvdusa

Sahara Rossi, She/her, Narrative Designer, Idra Interactive Studios, Italy

Salma Mahdar, She/her, Kinesiologist/Gaming Specialist/Game Developer/Streamer,2M and Twitch, Casablanca, Morocco

Samantha Thomas, she/her/hers, Director, Learning and Development, Activision, Charlotte, NC, USA

Sara Ehsan, She/Her, ASO Executive, Brilliant Gamez, Lahore, Pakistan

Sara Castagna, She/Her, Game Designer, Tutor, Technical Support Manager, Alter-Learning, Kodland, Casalmaggiore, Italy

Sarah Norén, she/they/him, Game Design Student, Futuregames, Stockholm, Sweden, @the_noren

Shelby Schweitzer, She/Her, Community Manager, Artie, Orlando, Florida, USA, @Sheebaverse

Shorouq Ghneim, She/Her, Group Product Manager, Tamatem Games, Amman, Jordan

Sibella Thompson, She/Her, HR Advisor, Roll7, London, UK

Sophie Edelman, She/Her, Founder,Edelman Consulting, Los Angeles, USA

Stella Griffiths Lynch, She/Her, Games Headhunter,Game Logic, London, UK

Summer Link, She/her, Social Media Manager,BADASS Studios, UK, @momosumii

Suzie Cook, She/Her, Internal Recruiter, nDreams, Farnborough, UK, @SuziecookVR

Sylvette Rosario, She/Her, 3D Character Artist,Gladius Studios, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, @Sylvette3D

Tanja Loktionova, She/Her, Founder // Co-founder,Values Value // InGame Job, Paphos, Cyprus

Tanvi Vartak, She/Her, Student, New York University, New York, USA

Tatsiana Lisouskaya, Mrs., Lead of the outsource production management team | GUA creative, MY.GAMES, London, UK

Taylah Walker, She/Her, Vice President of Games, PlaySide Studios, Melbourne, @Taylah_Walker

Tereza Roller, She/her, Relationship Manager, Plan A Collective (a RuckusDev Studio), Prague, Czech Republic

Theresa Schaffer, she/her, Business Development Manager, MYI Entertainment GmbH, Switzerland/Zurich (+Austria/Vienna), @itsTessi_

Valeria Gordillo, She/her, Game designer,Freelance, Bogotá/Colombia, @Cadstor_val

Vanessa Victorio, She/Her, Social Media Manager, Steel Wool Studios, Brentwood, LA, USA

Vanessa Barrameda, She, General Manager,X3 (the Blockchain Division of Xurpas, Inc), Manila, Philippines, @vanbarrrameda

Vicci Smith, She/Her, Games Recruitment Consultant, Datascope Recruitment, London, UK

Victoria Sinikliyski, She/Her, Principal Studio Recruiter | Talent Partner, Studiotypes, Cheshire, UK

Vikki Neale, She/Her, Head of HR,nDreams Limited, Farnborough, UK, @VikkiNeale1

Yelyzaveta Lemeshko, she/her, Game Designer Trainee, Bigpoint, Currently I’m working in Hamburg, Germany, but as an Ambassador, I’m representing Kyiv, Ukraine.

Zubda Shafi, she/her, Game Designer, Mensa Group of Companies, Pakistan